The Favored Builds From 3.5 Betrayal

Betrayal is going to be know because the "Arc Mine" league since more than 20% of all make are Arc based, plus the majority of these builds are Mines. Not since Arc received a buff or adjust from 3.5 but since it didn't obtain a nerf, and is capable of handling all the new content material. However, the new Winter Orb and Brand skills are several of the strongest and most enjoyable too, bringing new play designs for the game.

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1. Storm Brand Elementalist is at the moment my favorite build, primarily for the reason that it is a brand new and fresh style of play. It truly is also very strong, has fantastic survival, and can do all end-game content material, including Uber Elder. An L73 player, in fact, killed Uber Elder Deathless employing Storm Brand. Crazy and fun! Also, a fantastic league starter as Storm Brand is now held as certainly one of finest leveling skills.

Storm Brand Elementalist Build:

+ Super Fast
+ Pretty Tanky (enough to tank Shaper Slam)
+ Range of strategies to gear
+ Plenty of ways to strengthen gear/build
+ Easy to start up on a spending budget
+ Really fantastic Single Target DPS with Lightning Spire Trap
+ Excellent AoE DPS with Storm Brand
+ Brainless
+ Versatile

- Storm Brand needs LS to help Single Target when not geared.
- Lightning Spire Trap can in some cases not activate if a mob moves.
- Not invincible

Deathless Shaper Video

Easy Forge on the Phoenix Clear

Very simple Lair of your Hydra Clear

PoB Link:
Skill Tree:
Example link:

2. Winter Orb Elementalist is my second favorite make, not just due to the fact it is also a new talent, but since it is superb for speed mapping and clear. The freezing/cold also assistance significantly with survival, slowing bosses, and entirely immobilizing trash and even rares. It's lots of enjoyable to watch the screen shatter in unison.

Winter Orb Elementalist Develop:

+ Autoaiming
+ Continuous DPS on Bosses
+ Shotgun-Effect on multiple projectiles/AOE Overlapping
+ Duration-Based Talent
+ Good-Clear speed(insane clear speed with heralds/Impulse)
+ Chilling/Freezes

- Not Nooby friendly(resulting from a bit of hidden mechanics)
- Demands a decent spending budget produce it shine late game
- Requires some projectiles/AOE Investments
- Needs investment into duration nodes
- Low harm at low levels

T16 Burial Chamber Clear

T16 Guardian Maps(Chimera)

T16 Guardian Maps(Mino)

T16 Guardian Maps(Hydra)

T16 Guardian Maps(Phoenix)

Deathless Shaper

Deathless Uber Atziri

Hall of Grand Masters

PoB Link:
Skill Tree:
Example Link:

3Also truly enjoyed the Occultist CI Vortex construct. It might not possess the clear speed with the other builds, however, the focused cold DoT damage paired with the survivability make it great for handling all content material. You basically phase run by means of groups, dropping a Vortex as you move by way of them, which will immediately melt the group. The cold harm also slows and freezes several bosses, and CI could be the most effective for survival in this league.

Occultist CI Vortex create:

+ Low-cost
+ Very good map clear
+ Tanky
+ Immune to Stun, Chill and Freeze
+ Can do the majority of map mods (the only exception is No Life/ES Regen and Elemental Reflect mods)

- Working with Flame Dash is just not the most beneficial movement talent however the Quicksilver Flask assists on that.
- Some endgame items are often much more high priced lead to Cold Harm More than time builds are a bit hyped.
- Much less recovery rate map mod is not so good.

Uber Elder Kill

PoB Link:

Skill Tree:
30 Points:
60 Points:
90 Points:
113 points:
Full Tree:
Example Link:

4. Also attempted a Trickster DoT Armageddon Brand create, and it was a blast. I got to end-game with no deaths since it utilizes Patient Reaper, which recovers both life and mana on kill. It's a lot of exciting and does a terrific job of melting mobs, nonetheless, to obtain good melting harm on end-game bosses, a substantial investment is expected. While it doesn't have the "speed" of Storm Brand (as a result of delay between cast and hit), it is just plenty of enjoyable to play and I extremely recommend it.

Trickster DoT Armageddon Brand construct

Armageddon Brand Trickster

Example Link:

5And ultimately, we have my preferred from the final league, the Holy Relic Guardian. I used it as my league starter for Betrayal and it performed fantastically, even with all the shift of "all damage" to "physical damage" for Herald of Agony and Herald of Purity. It makes use of Cyclone with Life Obtain on Hit for movement, Herald of Agony for bosses/tough targets (with Phantasms for distraction), Herald of Purity and Holy Relics for additional damage. This is certainly one of the most effective builds I've played, as well as an excellent league starter. It's fully end-game viable, can do all content material, is SSF friendly, and enjoyable to play. I killed Minotaur in beneath 15 seconds with this make and took it under delve 300 (others have taken it 600+) without a problem last league.

Holy Relic Guardian Make:

Playlist / Shaper Kill / Chimera kill:

T14 Crimson Temple with chain

Darkness tanking

PoB Link:
Low life:
Skill Tree:
Example Link:


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