The Best 5 Armageddon Brand Builds In PoE 3.5 Betrayal

1. PoE 3.5 Armageddon Brand Hierophant Builds

Welcome to my first ever build guide! Please note that this build is still a work in progress.

Pros & Cons:
+ Several Defensive Layers
+ Good for both Single Target and Clearing
+ SSF friendly as gear is mostly irrelevant until T4+ maps
+ Run and Bomb Playstyle
- Endgame Damage Scaling Isn’t Great
- Can't Do Certain Map Mods (namely Elemental Reflect)

Step 1: Spawn in a map
Step 2: Cast Armageddon Brand Until Capped
Step 3: Run around pressing brand recall until everything on the map is dead
Step 4: Profit

Gems Links:
Armageddon Brand:
This is the main skill, you could swap a few things around and use Storm Brand if you want, but Armageddon has more flat dps which seems to be better overall.

Armageddon Brand
Concentrated Effect
Controlled Destruction
Elemental Focus

Fire Penetration


Brand Recall
This skill is equally as important as the brand itself, if you are not pairing the two together you are doing it wrong! We are linking it to Arcane Surge for 100% uptime which is a huge buff to our dps and life leech from spells.

Brand Recall
Arcane Surge

Scorching Ray Totems
Greatly helps with single target boss dps, I prefer totems over self-cast as it allows you to run around and dodge boss mechanics easier.

Scorching Ray
Spell Totem Support [20/00]
Multiple Totems [20/00]

Flammability Curse
Big boost to our damage overall, makes clearing and boss kill faster (around 7% more damage against bosses).


CWDT Setup:
Immortal Call provides an extra defensive measure, and Cold Snap is used to generate Frenzy Charges to buff brand activation frequency.

Cast When Damage Taken
Immortal Call
Increased Duration
Cold Snap

Movement Setup
Use your movement skill of choice, most important link is fortified for that reduced damage taken.

Leap Slam
Faster Attacks
Culling Strike
Blood Magic

Normal: Illuminated Devotion; Extra spell damage from the arcane surge is good, and the spell damage leeched as life is huge for survivability.
Cruel: Sign of Purpose; Additional Brand is a huge boon to clear speed, Brand Recall cooldown is QOL, and the extra damage doesn’t hurt.
Merciless: Divine Guidance; 10% additional MoM which is great for survivability.
Eternal: Sanctuary of Thought; Free energy shield, mana, mana regen, and reduced mana cost.

Help Alira, 15% all res makes capping resistances easy. If you don’t need resistances, you can choose to kill all of them for the extra passive points.

Your pantheon choice depends on personal preference and what content you are going to be running. For Major gods pick either Lunaris for the movement speed and avoidance or Arakaali for the reduced DoT, and for Minor gods, you can go with either Ralakesh or Shakari depending on your needs.

Leveling Guide:
The passive trees below can be used as a general guideline to use while leveling. Your first priority is going to be getting the Runebinder Keystone to double your dps, but after that, the order is up to you. Some good nodes to prioritize early on are MoM (you want health to mana ratio of 70/30 or 60/40 with divine guidance ascendancy node), maximum life, elemental overload, and the brand skill clusters.

23 Points:
46 Points:
67 Points:
103 Points:

PoB Link:
Skill Tree:

2. PoE 3.5 Armageddon Brand Hierophant Builds

MoM non-crit Armageddon Brand Hierophant with Kaom's and Staff. Extremely effortless to kill Shaper with it, really should be all content viable for much less than 10ex
The budget version of this could possibly price 2-3ex and ought to be great enough to farm red maps.
Hierophant possibly won't reach as high dps as Elementalist or some crit Ascendancy, but he makes up for it with Tankyness and handful of high-quality of life bonuses. Overall it's an extremely smooth playstyle.

That is a tanky version of Armageddon Make. We do not care about crit so we can concentrate on Tankyness as an alternative. But that does not mean, the harm is low. It may burst down Tier 1-15 bosses in 1-2 second, kill guardians or Shaper extremely quickly and very easily. People did Uber Elder with related builds, so it ought to be all content material viable.

Pros & Cons:
+ Super tanky and safe playstyle
+ Easy leveling, Storm Brands might be #1 leveling skill atm, Armageddon Brand isn't too far behind that.
+ High damage.
+ Build is very flexible, None of the items are mandatory, it can be done on a pretty low budget, different links, etc.
+ Brands continue hitting an enemy for 5-10 seconds even after you die.
- Can't do reflect maps.
- Despite being a self-cast, brands don't have the "feeling" of hitting monsters by yourself. It feels more like playing totems or traps, some people may not like that.
- Not so low computer spec friendly.
- Could be cheaper, obviously.

Kill all bandits.

Take Sign or Purpose, then Illuminated Devotion, then Arcane Blessing and after Uberlab try to get some mana on your gear and get Divine Guidance.

Doesn't matter that much, I took Garukhan for movement speed and Lunaris, cause it seemed the most useful

Leveling Guide:
Start with anything, then get Storm Brand, then switch to Armageddon Brand. Honestly, brands are so good for leveling that you won't need any specific tips. Just wear random stuff you find and save money for Kaom's Heart and staff.

After 10th Act you can still do some white maps in crappy gear or buy Kaom's and search for 5-6 link rare Staff, they aren't that expensive.
Either use +lvl of fire gems Essence on a white staff or search for one with things like +level to socketed fire gems, cast speed, fire/spell damage or the chance to deal double damage.

Also, suggest getting boots with high movement speed and using 2 Quicksilver flasks. Brands are very fast at killing multiple packs simultaneously, so you're going to spend most of the time running.

And use Anger until you finish Uberlab, then remove it and switch to Mind over Matter on the tree.

PoB Link:
Skill Tree:

3. PoE 3.5 Chieftain Armageddon Brand Builds

That is still WIP, there′s lots of issues I don't actually know about and there's probably much more points to optimize here than around the EH RAT Chieftain, any feedback will probably be appreciated, and especially any suggestion will likely be credited.
For now, this guide only may have an explanation around the things, hyperlinks, a tree in addition to a couple of videos.

Pros & Cons:
+ Fast Clear Speed
+ Low budget viable
+ SSF viable
+ Very high damage ceiling with Ex investment
+ Decently Tanky
- Getting boss level damage will cost some exalts
- Feels clunky at times if you misplace yourself
- Cannot do reflect maps

Use Arakaali with the captured soul of The Queen of the Great Tangle. Captured soul of Armala is also recommended.
Use Shakari with the captured soul of Terror of the Infinite Drifts.
Swap Shakari to Yugul with a captured soul of Shimmering Aberration for Uber Elder Fight, you can also use this to fight Guardian of the Hydra, Elder, and Shaper.

Kill them all.

Guardian of the Chimera

Shaper's Realm

Uber Elder

The clear speed with Doryani's Catalyst

Vs ItBurnsWhenIPeeFire at the HOGM

The Hall of Grandmasters 1st Wing

The Hall of Grandmasters 2nd Wing

The Hall of Grandmasters 3rd Wing

PoB Link:
Skill Tree:

4. PoE 3.5 Armageddon Brand and Relation Easy Game Builds

This is a brief guide for my take on Armageddon Brand. The build is remarkable. I could do nearly all content material with ease. Pretty forgiving to blunders. Could be quickly customized for far more Tankyness or crit. With crit, the variant can also use the store brand. Nevertheless could get a great deal greater DPS.

This construct will operate with Armageddon Brand as the only damage ability. In the event, you would prefer to drop cremation, replace Elemental Concentrate with Combustion. Or you could locate a further solution to ignite and apply the Combustion debuff.

Pros & Cons:
+ tanky
+ mobile
+ good dps(single target and clear speed)
+ super fun to play
+ scales well with gear
+ there are absolutely no needed/enabling items
+ SSF friendly
+ HC viable
- ele reflect maps (can do it with balefire, if really needed. Done t14 like that, was very tedious, but doable)

Sign of Purpose -> Illuminated Devotion -> Arcane Blessing -> Divine Guidance

Bandits: Kill All!

Major: Brine King
Minor: Gruthkul (Shakari, if poison immunity needed)


Uber Elder

Easy Shaper

PoB Link:
Shaper kill -
Uber Elder kill -
Skill Tree:

5. PoE 3.5 Self Ignite | Armageddon Brand | Elementalist Builds

This create revolves around ignite. Not the harm from igniting, but the effects though we're ignited.
The mixture of Mokou's Embrace, Eye of Innocence, and Martyr of Innocence offers us 70% enhanced damage, 20% increased cast speed, 2% life leech, and immunity to freeze and chill even though ignited.

This creates has defeated T15 Red Elder, Shaper, Uber Atziri, and all guardians, all on a 5-link, scroll down to find out my thoughts around the fights. Uber Elder has been killed on a 6-link.

Bandits: Kill All

Does not matter

A pendulum of Destruction -> Mastermind of Discord -> Shaper of Desolation -> Beacon of Ruin
Beacon of Ruin is the most important ascendancy so rush uber lab as fast as possible. We get it last because Shaper of Desolation feels bad while leveling

Gems Link:
Armageddon Brand is our main damage skill with solid flat fire damage in the gem. It also increases ignite damage, but we don't worry about that, we use ignite as a utility to heal and boost damage.

Hypothermia is a great boost to our damage as it provides 39% more damage with hits against chilled enemies. With Beacon of Ruin, we always chill enemies.

Faster Casting speeds our clear significantly as it both decreases the cast time, but also increases the brand activation frequency

Immolate provides flat added fire damage against burning enemies
Mana Leech leeches mana for us to sustain MOM - you can remove this if you opt for the warlord's mark setup in favor of Unbound ailments

Combustion ignites enemies and lowers fire resistance
Inc AOE makes the orb thick- you can remove this in favor of Unbound ailments
Arcane Surge linked to Brand recall gives us access to an easy arcane surge as we will constantly be recalling our brands

Just the classic Vaal RF setup
A CWDT Immortal Call, you can link a curse to this as well as we currently do not use any curses
Herald of Ash Gives us fire damage, but more importantly 25% fire penetration. This is our only mana reserving skill.
Flame Dash is our primary movement other than running
Scorching Ray gives us something to do other than running away while our brands hit bosses, it also reduces the boss' fire resistance which is nice.
Lightning Golem gives us more cast speed for our brands.
Controlled Destruction greatly increases our damage at the cost of critical strike chance, but we don't care, we just need to crit to proc elemental overload every once in a while. With 5 brands, we do not need additional crit chance.


PoB Link:
Skill Tree:

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