Top 6 Vortex Builds in PoE 3.5 Betrayal

1. PoE 3.5 CI Occultist Vortex Starter Builds

This build is capable of to do all content with very cheap gear, and there are options for upgrades. I killed all end game bosses with low budget gear. The build is very strong.

Pros & Cons:
+ Cheap
+ Good map clear
+ Tanky
+ Immune to Stun, Chill and Freeze
+ Can do most of the map mods
- Using Flame Dash is not the best movement skill, but the Quicksilver Flask helps on that.
- Some endgame items can be more expensive cause Cold Damage Over time builds are a bit hyped.
- Less recovery rate map mod is not so good.

Skill Gems:
WEAPON: Frost Bomb + Vaal Righteous Fire + Increased Duration
BODY ARMOUR: Vortex + Efficacy + Controlled Destruction + Elemental Focus + Hypothermia + Swift Affliction
BOOTS: Cast When Damage Taken + Storm Brand + Increased Critical Strikes Support + Culling Strike
HELMET: Vaal Cold Snap + Efficacy + Bonechill Support + Controlled Destruction
GLOVES: Blasphemy + Frostbite + Enlighten + Discipline
SHIELD: Flame Dash + Faster Casting + Arcane Surge(Level 7)

1. Wicked Ward
2. Vile Bastion
3. Void Beacon
4. Frigid Wake

Helmet: Vortex Increased Damage or Increased Cooldown Recovery Speed or Vortex Increased Duration or reduced Discipline Mana Reservation
Boots: Regenerate 2% of Life and Mana per second if you were Hit Recently

Bandits: Kill all.

Major God: Soul of Arakaali.
Minor God: Soul of Abberath

Leveling Guide:
The leveling of this build can be a bit complicated because you gotta start using life then you'll be Hybrid (Life + ES), and finally you'll get CI (Chaos Inoculation).
If you like to start using the build skills as soon as possible you can start using Freezing Pulse + Arcane Surge and Added Cold Damage (a bit later) until level 12 and then you can use Arctic Breath (That will not be used at the end, but you can use that just for now to see how Cold Damage over Time works). Level 16 you can use Cold Snap (Buy the Vaal Cold Snap).

In the act 2, you can get Herald of Thunder and Herald of Ice if you're comfortable with 50% of mana reservation.
For the Cold Snap and Arctic Breath, you'll get Controlled Destruction and Elemental Focus. If you have a tabula, you can use both skills on it and link Concentrated Effect, Added Cold Damage or Faster Casting

In act 3, at level 28 you'll get Vortex and replace Arctic Breath. You will also get Hypothermia, Efficacy and Swift Affliction.
If you're using 4 links at this point you should use:
1. Vortex + Efficacy + Controlled Destruction + Elemental Focus or Hyperthermia.
The gem you didn't use above (Elemental Focus or Hypothermia) will be your 5th link, and Swift Affliction is your 6th link on Vortex.
2. Cold Snap + Efficacy + Controlled Destruction or Hypothermia.
In the act 4, you'll swap Controlled Destruction for Bonechill.

After that just go through the acts and follow the gem setups shown in the Skill Gems section

Uber Elder Kill - Low Gear

Uber Elder Kill - Endgame Gear

PoB Link:
Skill Tree:

2. PoE 3.5 Occultist Vortex,Cold Snap ES Builds

This build is incredibly robust. I have numerous finish game trapper builds, RF builds, totem builds, and also other ranged style builds, but I'd place this against any of them in finish game bossing/delving/incursion viability. It includes a Massive, powerful health pool, and utilizing the regeneration mechanics of Occultist, at the same time because the new ES boosts in three.5, makes this build exceptionally survivable, when nevertheless putting out enormous damage. This make could utilize employees and do a lot more damage, but I personally believe which is unnecessary, and opt for a shield for further defense.

I'll point out, that is an extremely Distinctive play style. It really is somewhat like RF, having related regeneration and health pool, in addition to obtaining to get close to complete harm. Although its equivalent to RF, the harm is extra that of Pretty much a trapper. Needless to say for all those who've not played trappers, that is definitely Quite a bit. The playstyle really is usually to use phase run and quartz flask to run properly into and through groups of enemies and lay giant insane damage dealing pools of frost below your feet or at your mouse cursor. This permits us to move freely, given that Vortex is now instacast, and it does quite a bit of damage with the cold DoT modifications.

Pros & Cons:
+ Healthy- 11-15k Effective Health to absorb those nasty one-hitters
+ Damage - This build "Over Time's" so hard it feels like it hits. Effectively "One Hit" content with what is actually a DoT Skill.
+ Different - There is not another skill that feels quite like this. If you are bored of thousands of hours of the same style of skills, this is something fresh.
+ Good Clear Speed - Despite not chaining or multicasting, later game the clear on this is fairly darn good. It "One Hit" almost all content, and has two separate skills that can be used to clear, one to cast on you and one to cast on your cursor.
+ Uber Elder Viable - This build cleared Uber Elder on a Tabula. Deathless. As with Uber, you still have to actually play the game, but this build makes it fairly easy.
+ Shaper and Guardian Viable - Laugh at the Bull Boy as he tries to 1 hit your massive energy shield. Phoenix? Cold Pokemon beats Fire. A shaper is laughable.
+ Sexy Witch - Need me to say more? You are going to stare at her for 100 hours, best like her.
+ Cheap - but Scales Well with Investment - I beat Uber Elder with a Tabula. Most of the gear can be crafted for under 20-30c per slot for end game viability, but the more you dump into this build, the more it just owns. I am still exploring the outer limits of its godlike power.
+ Great for Delve - The condensed area of delve paths makes the DoT area easy to wipe anyone who dares stand up.
+ Doesn't get One Shot by Syndicate - They told you to build tanky. Here it is without sacrificing damage.
- This is not Arc Traps/Totems/Arc in General - This will never be the most insanely godlike clear speed build in the world, though it does well.
- Melee Range - This could be considered a con, but the fact that you are always phasing and have a huge effective health pool, this shouldn't bother anyone.

Skill Gems:
Main Skill (6 Link) - Vortex
Vortex - Controlled Destruction - Elemental Focus - Efficacy - Hypothermia - Swift Affliction

Second Skill (4 Link) - Vaal Cold Snap
Vaal Cold Snap - Efficacy - Bonechill - Hypothermia

Survivability Skill (4 Link)- Immortal Call and Phase Run
Immortal Call (Level 3) - Cast with Damage Taken (Level 1)- Increased Duration (Max Lvl) - Phase Run (Max Lvl)

Curse and Aura Skills (4 Link) - Vaal Discipline and Enfeeble
Enfeeble - Blasphemy - Vaal Discipline - Enlighten

Movement Skill (3 Link) - Flame Dash
Flame Dash - Faster Casting - Arcane Surge (Level 6)

Elemental Equilibrium Proc and Cold Debuff - Main Hand 3 Link
Frost Bomb - Orb of Storms - Storm Brand

Bandits - Kill
With bandits on this build, I prefer to have the two additional skill points.

T16 Chimera:

U. Elder: All 4 Guardians


PoB Link:
Skill Tree:

3. PoE 3.5 Inva's CI/LL Vortex DoT Builds

In this guide, I'll outline ways to level as a beginning character, a transition to CI then transition in the end to Low-Life when you've farmed sufficient to buy a Shavs.

Keep in mind even though that you can nevertheless full the game as CI, and I have completed Shaper and Guardians with quite a lot budget gear and also a 5L (as shown in the videos beneath), nevertheless it is only natural to transition to Low-Life from CI if you'd like to have essentially the most harm out of one's character.

Pros & Cons:
+ Get to kill mobs while running around like a headless chicken.
+ Cheap starter build with high endgame potential.
+ High defensive capability with a high offense.
- As a spellcaster, you will in general not be as mobile as an attack-based character.
- Map clearing may not be as fast as some other builds, notably archers.

Leveling Guide:
Early Game
The goal is to stack life on gear, DPS nodes, sufficient HP nodes and rush to EO to improve DPS output and enable you to level as quickly as possible. I would use Winter Orb instead of Vortex/Cold Snap initially as we won't have enough AoE to make Vortex/Cold Snap clear speed as fast as Winter Orb.

Mid Game
Only swap over to using Vortex when you've grabbed both AOE clusters and all the cold damage over time multiplier clusters. Start keeping an eye out for suitable ES gear and/or picking up ES base items to craft on.

Switching to CI
Once you have enough high ES gear, its time to make the leap and respec to CI! Yes, you will have to use respec points for this. Ensure you have approximately 1.4k base ES from gear, ascendancy, and Discipline as well as the Energy from Within unique jewel before respeccing.

Switching to Low-Life
You can switch any time once you get a Shavs. All you need to do is level up, so you have an extra point, respec a point from CI (so you now have 2 points), and place those points in both Pain Attunement and Arcane Vision.

Kill all for the +2 passive points

Void Beacon --> Vile Bastion --> Frigid Wake

CI: get Soul of Lunaris and Soul of Ralakesh/Garukhan
LL: get Soul of Arakaali and Soul of Shakari

Gem Links:
Chest 6L: Vortex, Controlled Destruction, Empower, Swift Affliction, Efficacy, Elemental Focus
Helm 4L: Vaal Cold Snap-Empower-Efficacy-Bonechill
Weapon 3L: Storm Brand, Inc. Crit Strikes/Stone Golem, Frost Bomb
Shield 3L: Flame Dash-Faster Casting-Arcane Surge
Gloves 4L: Blood Magic-Discipline-Clarity, Arctic Armor (not linked to Blood Magic)
Boots 4L: CWDT-Immortal Call, Blasphemy-Temporal Chains

Maze of The Minotaur

Pit of the Chimera

Lair of the Hydra


Level 96 Low-life
Shaper Run

Shaper's Guardians

Uber Elder's Guardians

Deathless Uber Elder Kill

Level 97 Low-life
+Ele resistances Mino Map Clear

Level 98 Low-life
Sub 2min Uber Elder Kill

The snippet of a No Regen T16 Hydra Map

PoB Link:
Skill Tree:

4. PoE 3.5 The Notorious DOT Builds

Vortex and Cold Snap traps - deal massive DOT damage
- Should be more consistent boss damage, since you don't have to constantly throw traps to maintain DPS. Having to run for your life in between throwing traps usually means a DPS loss, but not with DOT!
- You throw 1 of each trap, and the damage just ticks away! When the damage dealing ground effects expire, throw your 2 traps again.
- Use Decoy totem to keep bosses in the DOT effects.
- Cheap and easy to scale. Easily under 1ex to gear!

Pros & Cons:
+ Safe playstyle, good for new players.
+ DPS never stops while you move to dodge/reposition
+ No unique items required, build works perfectly fine with all rares
+ Scales really well with unique items, which are all cheap! (20c or less each)
+ Can do any map mod! No-regen is kinda rough, but doable if you manage mana flask well.
- You throw single traps, so you have to have decent aim and throw them right onto boss/mobs.
- Lots of buttons to mash for max boss dps.

- Class: Shadow
- Ascendency: Saboteur
1st: Perfect Crime
2nd: Chain Reaction
3rd: Born in the Shadows
4th: Pyromaniac

Major: Soul of the Brine King
- Capture The Forgotten Soldier in Conservatory Map
- Capture Purina, The Challenger in Atoll Map
- Capture Nassar, Lion of the Seas in Reef Map
Helps us against stuns, freezes and chill so we can kite better.
Minor: Garukhan, Ryslatha or Shakari would all be good

Capture Stalker of the Endless Dunes in Dig Map
-Evasion and movement speed are great for us

Capture Goris, Will-Thief in Infested Valley Map
-This is a major buff to our instant life flask

Capture Terror of the Infinite Drifts in
-Chaos damage really hurts our low life pool

The DPS from Explosives Expert was barely over 10k, and the AoE only gives us 1 extra radius. I prefer the sustain Pyromaniac gives over the very small AoE and dmg boost. This allows us to still have some life sustain without getting a Tinkerskin. 1

Gems Setup:
- Body Armour: Vortex - Trap - Trap and my Damage - Efficacy - Controlled Destruction - Concentrated Effect (Can use Increased AoE for mapping)
- In Helm: Cold Snap - Trap - Trap and Mine Damage - Bonechill
- CWDT(lvl 2) - Immortal Call (lvl 2) - Frost Bomb (lvl 10 - Increased Duration
- Orb of Storms - Increased Critical Strikes - Increased AoE - Faster Casting
- Flame Dash - Faster Casting - Arcane Surge (lvl 7)
- Blasphemy - Frostbite - Decoy Totem
- In Ring: Flame Golem

- For maps, just flame dash around and throw your 2 traps into packs to delete them. Easy.

PoB Link:
Skill Tree:

5. Poe 3.5 The MeatBlender, Crit Blade Vortex Assassin Builds

Welcome to my 3. 5 Blade Vortex Assassin make a guide - the MeatBlender! This can be a make that's capable of carrying out all game content material, like Uber Elder. I also have created a series of videos as a companion to this develop guide. In the event you end up rolling this construct, leave a comment (and link your gear right here, we would enjoy to see it!).

Blade-Vortex is a skill that is really helpful at all gear levels - it's on the list of naturally strongest expertise in the game, and it scales very well into endgame content material. This construct is a single of my strongest ever made regardless of possessing less investment than a few of my a lot more costly builds. My version of this construct cost about 30 exalts, though it is possible to get most of my power for 5-10 exalts.

The vast majority of high-level Blade Vortex builds in three.five are Witch Elementalists, which is a fine choice but far from the only viable method to play Blade Vortex. Ought to you select to play this version of Blade-Vortex, you need to count on to become capable of tackling all game content material in the suitable gearing levels.

Build Highlights:
- 8K+ effective life pool (with MoM)
- Can clear all game content, including Uber Elder and Hall of Grandmasters
- Generates all charges (including Spirit Charges!)
- Extremely effective at all budget levels
- Level 100 skill tree available
- Mostly reflect-immune and capable of doing almost all map mods
- Fast and fun, with few downsides
- Sawblade MTX + Extra gore from Carcass Jack = Become a MeatBlender!!!

Uber Elder Kill:

Shaper Kill (Deathless):

PoB Link:
Skill Tree:

6. PoE 3.5 Garf's Low Life Vortex/Cold Snap guide 

The playstyle is simple, as you run into the mob group (with or without phase run) drop your vortex or cast Cold Snap from a distance.

Pros & Cons:
+ Tanky – thanks to Occultist and curses
+ Nice DPS with Vortex and Cold Snap DOT close to 1MIL
+ 10k+ ES as Low life so don’t worry about one hit
+ Good clearspeed
+ Can start on a decent budget
- Flame Dash as the movement as I don’t find it that bad, but a lot of people don’t like it
- Not that cheap to min-max with ES and dmg
- Can’t do Ele reflect
- Can’t do no regen
- Need some Str/Dex on your gear, but you also can take the big notes in the tree which is fine, as they are already connected to our skill tree

In order of importance:
Wicked Ward
Vile Bastion
Void Beacon
Frigid Wake

Soul of Arakaali + Soul of Shakari

Bandits: Betray them and kill'em all :)



Chimera with extra dmg and temp chains:

Minotaur - facetank:


T16 Elder Guardian - Constrictor:

T16 Elder Guardian - Eradicator:

T16 Elder Guardian - Enslaver:

T16 Elder Guardian - Purifier:

Uber Elder with 1 Death, bad luck :

Deathless Uber Elder:

PoB Link:
Skill Tree:


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