Top 2 Witch Builds in PoE 3.5.2 Betrayal

1. PoE 3.5 Dark Explosive Charged Dash Occultist Builds

The creative concept is usually to play about with the drifting ability, and auto-cast spells as you pass by a pack of monsters. Regardless of-of looking to be a meme make, it actually clears pretty nicely at a reasonable pace of speed. To increase the single target damage, it could be done by summoning skeletons to allow dark pacts to chain twice when it is cast around the skeletons.

For heavy single target or bosses, replace charged dash with blade flurry for far better positioning. At the similar time, summon some skeletons close to the target and use the orb of storm/brand to generate power charges whenever necessary.
One of the most excellent scenarios will likely be a minimum of 3 skeletons to remain alive to maximize dark pact dps. That is because dark pact will chain twice on skeletons, thus resulting three casts per essential strike you land on the target.

Pros & Cons:
+ 6k+ life
+ Good clear speed
+ Safer mapping experience
+ Single target isn't that bad, contents are up to Shaper viable.
+ Most map mods viable.
- Single target setup can be a little clunky or harder to pull off in some situations.
- Cyclone/Blade Flurry is simply amazing for better consistency of dps output on the single target.
- Map mod with 60% less life recovery can be dangerous as leech rate was affected and unable to recover the amount of life lost from dark pact fast enough.

Profane Bloom >> Malediction >> Forbidden Power >> Void Beacon


Gems Link:
Main Skill (6-Link)
Charged Dash - Cast on Crit - Dark Pact - Inc. Crit Strike - Void Manipulation - Added Chaos

Quad Curse Setup (4-Link)
Blasphemy - Assassin's Mark - Enfeeble - Temporal Chain

Single Target Setup (4-Link)
Summon Skeletons - Minion Life - Spell Echo - Empower

Movement Skill & BUff (4-Link)
Flame Dash - Faster Casting - Enhance - Blood Rage

Utility (3-Link)
CWDT - Immortal Call - Inc. Duration

Storm Brand/Orb of Storm - Power Charge on Crit - Arcane Surge


Build Showcase Compilation: 

T16 Elder Armoury:

T15 Tower Boss Fight:

T12 Elder Guardian - The Eradicator:

T12 Elder Guardian - The Purifier:

T16 Shaper Guardian - Hydra:

T16 Shaper Guardian - Minotaur:

Bandits: Kill All
Getting more skill points early on is easier and faster to transition into the cast on a crit build.
Alira can be chosen if you prefer to have extra resist and crit multiplier.

Major: Soul of Brine King
Minor: Soul of Ryslatha

PoB Link:
Skill Tree:
Example Link:

2.Dragon's Breath Elementalist by Torstein, All Content Builds

This build was created out of the wish to go off present meta and give some enjoy to unrightfully forgotten Incinerate talent with 3.five reworked Martyr of Innocence staff. It's a self-cast semi-crit build.

- Switched to Acro&PhaseAcro, passive tree is updated. 
- Flask setup is changed and added Vaal Grace instead of Cold Snap gem. 
- Main Boots changed to Atziri's Step. 
- Page and Pastebin updated
- Added new videos

Pros & Cons:
+ high life pool, goes over 7.5k life for Uber Elder fight
+ very high damage, 2.5+ million Shaper dps 
+ good clear speed
+ all content viable 
+ Acrobatics&Phase Acrobatics, up to 75%/75% dodge
+ easy Uber Lab, one-shots Izaro due to preloading of 8 Incinerate stages
+ easy boot swaps for UE fight
- can't do elemental reflect maps
- Chaos and Phys damage can hit hard

5 Active Skills:
Main Skill
– Incinerate

– Flame Dash gives us the ability to get over cliffs, gaps and quickly position ourselves in 1 to 4 successive moves

– Orb of Storms enables proc of Arcane Surge which gives more damage and also easier proc of Elemental Overload. I chose Orb of Storms over Storm Brand because it hits more times per sec, has a large area of effect and therefore easier activates Ele. Overload
-Vaal Grace caps dodge chance
-Vaal Righteous Fire, 39% more damage at the cost of % of our life at the time of casting

Normal Labyrinth – Shaper or Desolation
Cruel – Beacon of Ruin
Merciless – Pendulum of Destruction
Ethernal – Mastermind of Discord

Gems Link:
6L –Incinerate (Staff – Martyr of Innocence)
Incinerate-Controlled Destruction-Combustion-Concentrated Effect (Increased Area of Effect for mapping)-Faster Casting-Hypothermia

Herald of Ash-Anger-Enlighten(lvl3)-Vaal Righteous Fire

Clarity(lvl1)-Arcane Surge(lvl 5)-Orb of Storms-Flame Dash 

4L must be in boots so you can easily swap to Kaom's Roots!
Immortal Call(lvl10)-Cast When Damage Taken(lvl9)-Increased Duration-Vaal Grace

Major- "Soul of Brine King" or "Soul of Lunaris"
Minor- "Soul of Tukohama" while channeling we are stationary and most vulnerable

For Uber Elder
Major- "Soul of Lunaris" because you will be wearing Kaom's Roots and be immune to stun
Minor- "Soul of Yugul" to reduce cold damage taken which is dominant in UE fight

Leveling Guide:
From level 2-12 use Magma Orb or Fireball-Arcane Surge(keep at gem lvl1)-Combustion
From level 12 you can use Incinerate for leveling. Incinerate-Arcane Surge(lvl 1)-Combustion
From level 18 onward, Incinerate-Arcane Surge(lvl 1)–Combustion-Faster Casting-Controlled Destruction-Increased Area of Effect(Conc. Effect for bosses)

Uber Atziri:

Full Minotaur Run:

Shaper&Friends Full Run:

Deathless Uber Elder:

PoB Link:


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