The Most Popular Templar Builds in PoE 3.5 Betrayal

1. PoE 3.5 Templar HCSSF Builds

This develops that did not demand any uniques as I can't assure there drops and I wanted it to become entertaining. So I utilized Ball lightning to stack hits, Herald of Agony for the ranged DPS and Herald of Purity for foot soldiers.
Aiming to hit as a lot as you can with ball lightning to stack poison adding a chance to knock back and blind seemed to synergize so nicely any enemy not immune to knockback won't be capable of touch you and having every single enemy chance to hit!

Pros & Cons:
+ Cheap to build, Actually free to build SSF don't NEED any uniques and only need 4 links.
+ Multi-Level defenses (Meatshields>Reduced Movespeed/ActionSpeed>"Evasion">Block>max Endurance charges/Immortal call>EnergyShield>Mind of matter>Armour/Life)
+ Makes non-knockback immune enemies trivial
+ FUN! To not just kill but push enemies into a corner (Especially bosses) as your cronies beat them up >:)
+ Versatile leveling (And somewhat versatile end game build)
+ Summoner build that doesn't need to manually cast any summoning spells. (Casting Ball lightning will automatically summon Sentinels/Scorpion)
- None that I can think of, Well none that doesn't apply to every build.
- Uniques can improve the build, More expensive ones improve it better.
- 6linked items improve the build.
- Doing it SSF can use a lot of Thomas, Jewelers, Fusings to get the right gems in the right spots.
- There are tankier builds and builds that do more DPS
- Guess there might be one, Build path is a bit stretched out

Skill Gems:
Example build with only 4links:
4L Ball Lightning-KnockBack-Blind-Posion
4L HeraldOfAgony-HeraldOfPurity-MinionDMG-FasterAttacks
4L ArmageddonBrand-CurseOnHit-Enfeeble-TemporalChains
4L CastWhenDamageTaken-ImmortalCall-IncreasedDuration-Enfeeble
3L SpellTotem-VaalSummonSkeleton-Maim
2L FlameDash-FasterCasting

- Ball lightning - Poison - Added Knockback - Blind (Essentially 100% chance to continuously do 100% increased Knockback and lessen the chance to hit by 50% and lowers the light radius to the minimum value and reduce the effective critical strike chance)
- Herald of Agony (Gives poison chance and Summons Scorpion as the main goal behind the build)
- Herald of Purity (Adds physical damage to spells so they can poison to summon Herald of Agony, Summons Genitals to distract/kill enemies, with 10% chance to summon on rare/unique hit have 100% uptime, without needing to resummon if compared to using zombies for the same purpose)
- Brand - Curse on hit - Enfeeble - Temporal Chains, Spread curses to enemies and keep them on bosses for longer.
- Cast When Damage Taken - Immortal Call

Gem Support:
Supports possible for
"Ball lightning - Added Knockback support - Blind" (Goal isn't damage but on hit applications)
- Knockback, Crowd controls a lot of enemies, But also just happens to increase our DPS but the unspecified amount by keeping enemies in range. (Imagine ball lightning going towards an enemy while they run at you, Hits them once then goes past, But with knockback when the ball hits the enemy it will push them back with the ball getting the full duration of DMG!)
- Blind, It's a great ailment but only a 10% chance to apply. Good thing we are aiming to hit over 10 times a second at 10% each hit! ;)
- Lesser poison(40%) support, Ideally Poison(60%) support as you just want the chance to poison the physical damage isn't needed to poison, Herald of Purity covers that.
- Faster casting, Faster/more spells cast more on hit applications.
- Spell echo, ^
- Slower projectiles, More hits on immobile bosses (a bunch of other minor benefits as more hits on enemies against the wall before the projectile hits the wall and disappears, etc., But it is slower clear speed)
- Lesser multiple projectiles, Volley, Greater Multiple projectiles, They are fun to see all the balls hitting a greater area! But I am uncertain if multiple balls from the same cast can "Hit" the same target (From what I could find out they cannot "Damage" the same target but do they "Hit" and do 0 damage? I dunno) One ball is good enough imo if you pull and aim well though.

"Herald of Agony"
- Peirce
- Minion damage
- Damage to full life
- Vile toxins
- Faster Attacks
- Lesser/Greater Multiple projectiles

Kitiva Kill

Tier 10 Map

PoB Link:
Skill Tree:

2.PoE 3.5 Freezing Pulse and Ice Spear Totem Inquisitor Builds

Pros & Cons:
+ Fast Mapping
+ Boss Killer
+ High crit chance (Without flask, FP 45%, IS 87.5)
+ League Starter, Tabula is enough
+ Blind is good, higher survivability
+ Infinity Mana
- Less HP, easily killed by Syndicate
- Not faster than COC build
- Seems cannot kill Uber Elder
- Not enough sockets cause this build using 2 skills

Gem Links:
Freezing Pulse - Echo - Bonechill - Hypothermia - (Blind) - (Faster Casting) - (Mana Leech)
Ice Spear - GMP - Hypothermia - Controlled Destruction(Bonechill) - Spell Totem - Multiple Totem
Herald of Ice - Curse On Hit - Assassin's Mark - Ice Bite
Shield Charge - Faster Attack - Fortify
CWDT - Immortal Call - Increased Duration
Vitality - Summon Lightning Golem - Flame Dash - Clarity(VRF)

Kill All

1. Instruments of Virtue
2. Righteous Providence
3. Inevitable Judgement
4. Augury of Penitence


Shaper Down

PoB Link:
Skill Tree:

3. PoE 3.5 QotF Storm Brand Hierophant Map Farmer Builds

This is a Map farming develop working with the new Storm Brand ability combined with Queen in the Forest, instead of a movement talent. This development isn't Hardcore Viable. 

Pros & Cons:
+ It's a new skill!
+ Very fast clear speed
+ Easy to play. One button builds most of the time.
+ Brand Recall is one of the most satisfying skills in the game.
- A little squishy
- Pretty bad single target. You will kill Map bosses without too much trouble, but will not be killing Shaper, Elder, or anything like that.
- Some of the gear upgrades are quite expensive

Kill all or help Alira. 

1. Sign of Purpose
2. Illuminated Devotion 
3. Arcane Blessing 
4. Conviction of Power 
5. Pursuit of Faith 

Really doesn't make too much of a difference. I'm using Soul of Solaris, and Soul of Shakari at the moment, but it's entirely up to you.

T16 Crater Map

T10 Shaped UGS

PoB Link:

4. PoE MoM Crit Storm Brand Inquisitor Builds

Uber Elder - This was my very first ever kill, so I can't say if it was hard or not, but searching at other folks do uber elder, I'd say the harm is quite nice in all honesty and also the ideal aspect is the fact that the last 25% goes truly quickly in the event you otherwise are allowed to, because both bosses are active, you obtain a massive harm increase once they are close sufficient collectively, nevertheless as a result of the physical Squishyness of this construct, you definitely need to dodge stuff, you can get hit by 1 maybe 2 tentacles but just after that you truly gotta dodge, the shaper balls 2 shots along with the slam obviously one-shots. Elder portals were easy, shaper portal the identical, I killed all elder portals relatively rapidly.

Shaper - I only killed shaper when before, but I'd say that it was a pretty smooth run, shaper doesn't appear that really hard for me and doesn't really remember any issues.

Shaper Guardians - Hydra & Phoenix are effortless, Minotaur is uncomplicated as well, but you must kite resulting from low physical resistance, Chimera can be definitely annoying, you must kite him, and that's not the problem, but the cloud phases... Those are an issue, he hits you while you're running for each cloud and it can 1-3 shot you resulting from physical resistance being so weak, I managed to do Chimera deathless after but in all honesty, I think it was more about luck.

Pros & Cons:
+ Strong, clear speed in all map tiers.
+ Fairly strong boss damage.
+ No auras - you die, you release, you run back in.
+ ~7k hp (7k is combined with mana, es, and life and can get up way higher)
+ Uses Loreweave
+ Obliterates twinned/multi bosses
- Like most other builds, can be expensive to min-max
- Very squishy to physical damage
- ^ Not very tanky vs. syndicates
- Can't do ele reflect
- Does a little less damage vs. single target (it's still fa

Gem Links:
Most of my gem links should already be visible in the gear section, but I use;
Brand - Ice Bite - Added Lightning Damage - Power Charge on Crit - Increased Critical Strikes - Conc Effect
Brand Recall - Arcane Surge (lvl 1) - Increased Duration - Empower
Flame Dash - Faster Casting // Vaal Haste (Vaal haste doesn't have to be linked)
Lightning Golem (lvl 20) - Cast when damage is taken (lvl 20) - Minion Life (lvl 20)
Power Siphon - Curse on Hit - Enfeeble // portal/optional
Immortal Call (lvl 3) - Cast when damage is taken (lvl 1) - Increased Duration

T16 Hydra Shaper Guardian map

Random red elder


PoB Link:

5. PoE 3.5 Easy Shaper Poet's Volatile Dead Builds

This develop guide is definitely an Update to a further 1 that I saw (low spending budget). I upgraded my make into an high-budget-gear and choose to share it with you. Simply there are some adjustments that raise ur DPS a lot and tends to make u tanky. In fact, I'm on a Point with 7k Life and performed quick the Shaper.

Pros & Cons:
+ High Life about 6k to 7k
+ High DPS
+ Able to clear all endgame content
+ Smooth leveling with Poet's Pen
+ Really a lot of fun to play
+ 2 Different play styles (Bossing/Mapping)
+ 1x With Bodyswap/GMP/Unearth for Mapping
+ 1x With Cremation/GMP/Unearth
+ Simply 1 to max 2 buttons for all
- Can't run Elemental reflects
- Physical reflects are viable but with careless
- High investment of Costs (about 30/40ex)
- Lag unfriendly

Big - Soul of Lunaris
Little - Soul of Gurukul

Gem Links:
Main Hand B-B-G 
Increased Critical Strikes Support - Concentrated Effect Support - Volatile Dead

Second Hand B-G-G 
Bodyswap - Unearth - Greater Multiple Projectiles Support

Third Hand: G-G-G 
Cremation - Greater Multiple Projectiles Support - Unearth

R-R-G-B / R-R-B-B / G-G-B-B
Cast When Damage Taken(2) - Temporal Chains(6) - 
Summon Lightning Golem(3) - Immortal Call (3)

Anger - Herald of Ash - Faster Casting Support - Flame Dash

Frenzy - Greater Multiple Projectiles Support/Faster Attacks - 
The curse on Hit Support - Assassin's Mark

PoB Link:
Skill Tree:

6. Hierophant, Lightning Spire Trap Builds

Pros & Cons:
+ Budget & league starter
+ Insane clear speed
+ Offers more survivability
+ Using hybrid flask (save 1 more space for other flask's options)
+ Decent life leech (900 hp / on hit rate), high mana regen for MoM
- Not as high dps than his rivals (Inquisitor/Elementalist)

Leveling Guide:
Leveling Stage 1
At this stage, try to find gears that have 3L or even 4L, the ring that has resistance or buy one from the vendor and also gears that provide armor over shield/evasion.
1] Get Freezing Pulse, link it with Arcane Surge + Onslaught
2] Get Decoy Totem and Frost Bomb
3] Link Freezing Pulse with Added Lightning Damage if you have 4L, if not, replace Arcane Surge with it
4] Get Flame Dash for your movement skills, get Clarity if you lack mana regen (in my case, I was 100% fine)
5] Get Storm Brand, link it with Arcane Surge, Onslaught, Added Lightning Damage if you have 4L. At this stage, I threw away Freezing Pulse & Frost Bomb (with Runebinder node, Storm Brand will kill everything for mapping even tough boss).

Leveling Stage 2
Nothing special at this stage, keep finding 4L helmet, armor, gloves & boots. Better 4L rather than high-level gears.
1] Get Brand Recall
2] Get Herald of Thunder for extra dps
3] Link your Storm Brand with Faster Casting, Concentrated Effect, Controlled Destruction for 4L (this will be your main 4L, but keep in mind to put Added Lightning Damage somewhere to level up for later use)

Leveling Stage 3 
At this end stage, you should be able to progress through Acts. Keep linking your Storm Brand and other Utility Gems according to what I have mentioned as soon as you have access to do so.
1] Get Conductivity and later on link it with Increased Duration
2] Get Minion & Totem Elemental Resistance and link it with your Decoy Totem

Normal Lab: Sign of Purpose
Cruel Lab: Illuminated Devotion
Merciless Lab: Arcane Blessing
Eternal Lab: Divine Guidance

Bandit: Help Alira or Kill all

Pantheon: Soul of Lunaris & Soul of Gurukul

Gem Links:
- Storm Brand - Increase Critical Strikes - Faster Casting - Controlled Destruction - Concentrated Effect - Added Lightning Damage
- Lightning Spire Trap - Faster Casting - Added Lightning Damage - Increase Area of Effect (with Trap & Mine Damage from gloves)
- Decoy Totem - Summon Ice Golem - Multiple Totem - Minion & Totem Elemental Resistance
- Flame Dash - Faster Casting - Brand Recall
- Conductivity - Increased Duration
- Immortal Call - Increased Duration - CwDT
- Wrath

PoB Link:

7. PoE 3.5 Storm Brand Inquisitor, Uber Elder Viable Builds

Righteous Providence - Inevitable Judgement - Instruments of Virtue - Augury of Penitence 

Help Alira

Took Soul of Solaris and Soul of Gruthkul for damage reduction.

Leveling Guides:
In Act 1
Tree levels 1 - 15
The 4 link I use was
Storm Brand - Added Lightning - Controlled Destruction - Faster Attacks
This setup carried me all the way until I got my 6 links. 

In Act 2
Tree level 15 - 38 
Once you get to Act 4, I like to run The Dried Lake over and over till I get to level 36, or so then I go do my first ascendancy. Once you finish that, it's pretty smooth all the way to end the game. 

In Act 3
Tree level 38 - 58
At this point, I got my self to Blood Aqueducts and grabbed levels till I was around 68, and went and grabbed my third ascendancy. 
The next portion of the tree was finishing out the right side, grabbing myself Cold-Hearted Calculation, Assassination, Trickery, Soul Siphon, and Coordination. Then we swing back over to the left side and get Primal Manifestation.

In Act 4
Tree level 58 - 77
From there, finish out the full tree and when you are strong enough, do your uber lab.
Full tree

Leveling Items: 
I created a +1 wand for lightning gems and just random drops that helped with dex and gave spell damage. 

Gem Link:
6 Link: 
Storm Brand - Hypothermia - Controlled Destruction - Added Lightning Damage - Increased Critical Strikes - Concentrated Effect
You can also switch out Concentrated Effect for Faster Casting while mapping

4 Link: 
Brand Recall - Efficacy - Arcane Surge - Increased Duration

4 Link:
Cast when Damage Taken - Immortal Call - Increased Duration - Phase Run

3 Link:
Shield Charge - Faster Attacks - Fortify

3 Link:
Orb of Storms - Power Charge on Critical - Mana Leech 

2 Link:
Flame Dash - Faster Casting 
In Essence Worm:: Wrath
Also where you can put them in: Herald of Ice, Vaal Righteous Fire

Storm Brand Guide

PoB Link:

8. PoE 3.5 Armageddon Brand Hierophant Builds

This is the tanky version of Armageddon Build. We don't care about crit so we can focus on Tankyness instead. But that doesn't mean, the damage is low. It can burst down Tier 1-15 bosses in 1-2 second, kill guardians or Shaper very fast and easily. People did Uber Elder with similar builds, so it should be all content viable. 

Pros & Cons:
+ Super tanky and safe playstyle
+ Easy leveling, Storm Brands might be #1 leveling skill atm, Armageddon Brand isn't too far behind that.
+ High damage.
+ Build is very flexible, None of the items are mandatory, it can be done on a pretty low budget, different links, etc.
+ Brands continue hitting the enemy for 5-10 seconds even after you die.
- Can't do reflect maps.
- Despite being a self-cast, brands don't have the "feeling" of hitting monsters by yourself. It feels more like playing totems or traps, some people may not like that.
- Not so low computer spec friendly.
- Could be cheaper, obviously.

Kill all

Take Sign or Purpose, then Illuminated Devotion, then Arcane Blessing and after Uberlab try to get some mana on your gear and get Divine Guidance.

Doesn't matter that much, I took Garukhan for movement speed and Lunaris, cause it seemed the most useful

Start with anything, then get Storm Brand, then switch to Armageddon Brand. Honestly, brands are so good for leveling that you won't need any specific tips. Just wear random stuff you find and save money for Kaom's Heart and staff.

After 10th Act you can still do some white maps in crappy gear or buy Kaom's and search for 5-6 link rare Staff, they aren't that expensive. 
Either use +lvl of fire gems Essence on a white staff or search for one with things like +level to socketed fire gems, cast speed, fire/spell damage or the chance to deal double damage.

Also, suggest getting boots with high movement speed and using 2 Quicksilver flasks. Brands are very fast at killing multiple packs simultaneously, so you're going to spend most of the time running. And use Anger until you finish Uberlab, then remove it and switch to Mind over Matter on the tree.

PoB Link:


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