The favorite PoE 3.5 Betrayal Winter Orb Builds

In Path of Exile 3.5 Betrayal, Winter Orb is taking over because of the second most used ability in the game across regular, SSF and hardcore. The primary reason would be a clear speed, chilling slow, as well as the ability to pump out some crazy damage with the right products. It's also a brand new style of gameplay.

Right here is my favorite PoE 3.5 Betrayal Winter Orb Elementalist Guide Make.

Suck (drasch21's) Winter Orb Elementalist Guide

+ Autoaiming
+ Continuous DPS on Bosses
+ Shotgun-Effect on multiple projectiles/AOE Overlapping
+ Duration-Based Ability
+ Good-Clear speed(insane clear speed with heralds/Impulse)
+ Chilling/Freezes

- Not Nooby friendly(as a result of a little of hidden mechanics)
- Demands a decent price range create it shine late game
- Calls for various projectiles/AOE Investments
- Demands investment into duration nodes
- Low harm at low levels

Leveling Guide:
Levels 1 to 20

Levels 21 to 35

At level 28 you will get Winter Orb from the quest Sever the Right Hand

Level 46 to 70

Level 71 to 85
Scion Life Wheel

Witch Life Nodes

Templar Area

Level 86 to 100

Gem Hyperlinks:
5-6 Hyperlink(Armor)
1.Winter Orb
2.Greater Several Projectiles
4.Cold Pen
5.Controlled Destruction
6.Empower Level four

4 Hyperlink (Helm, Gloves, Boots)
Cast when damage is taken (Level 1!!)
Immortal Get in touch with(Level 3!!)
Vaal Righteous Fire(Level 20!!)
Enhanced Duration(Level 20)

Duration affected Gems
Phase Run
Vaal Grace
Enhanced Duration
Frost Bomb

Herald Setup
Herald of Thunder
Herald of Ice
Empower level 3+
Summon Lightning Golem

3 Link (Shield or Weapon)
Movement talent setup
Arcane Surge(Level 20)
Flame Dash
Quicker Casting

Mobs take more harm when they hit you with this Cast when harm has taken Setup
Bonechill(level 20)
Cast When Harm Taken(Level 1)
Cold Snap(Level 7)

T16 Burial Chamber Clear

T16 Guardian Maps(Chimera)

T16 Guardian Maps(Mino)

T16 Guardian Maps(Hydra)

T16 Guardian Maps(Phoenix)

Dealthless Shaper

Dealthless Uber Atziri

Hall of Grand Masters

PoB Link:
Skill Tree:
Instance Link:


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