The Best Chieftain Warchief Brutus Sprinkler Builds In PoE 3.5

Pros & Cons:
+ tanky (9k life at 90) with decent armor (20k or so)
+ decent regen (1k lps)
+ totem playstyle is very safe with 5 totems to hide behind of
+ totems leech
+ very cheap gear
+ can do almost all content (ele reflect, enfeeble, no leech, no regen).
+ only map mod we cant do is a combination of both no leech and no regen.
- clear speed is mediocre/slow
- totem playstyle is not for everyone
- no regen & no leech mods combo is impossible - still better than most builds though
- run speed is slow therefore not a good delve runner (personally)
- no flashy herald effect

Gems Link:
6 Links warchief
Ancestral warchief - EDWA - Ruthless -Ele focus - conc effect* - damage on full life*

4 links protector
Ancestral protector - EDWA - combustion - multiple totems

4 links mobility
Shield charge - leap slam - faster attack - fortify

3 links flammability
Flammability - faster casting - increased the duration or inc aoe (try and pick which one works better for you)

3 links CWDT
CWDT - Immortal call - cold snap (to generate frenzy)

Normal: Ngamahu, Flame's Advance
Cruel: Hinekora, Death's Fury
Merciless: Arohongui, Moon's Presence
Uber: Tukohama, War's Herald



PoB Link:
Skill Tree:
Example Link:


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