The Most Popular For Caustic Arrow Builds in PoE 3.5

1. PoE 3.5 Raider Caustic Arrow Raider, DoT Focused Builds

For powerful defensive abilities, QoL features and speed. When damage is not a problem, these are more valuable qualities than slightly higher dps number. That's why I believe this is the best ascendancy choice for life-based CA.

This build features over 6000 life, very high evasion with up to 95% evade chance cap, 46/40% dodge/spell dodge. It's also immune to all ailments and can run absolutely any map mod. Any incoming damage can be easily solved with two instant life flasks healing you back to full life. Capable of clearing all content in the game. Everything with the possibility to use some magic find gear.

Pros & Cons:
+ Cheap starting cost, great league starter
+ Very easy to play
+ Tanky end game, over 6000 life and very high evasion + dodge
+ Fast without flasks
+ Flexible build, adjust how much you want to go MF / damage / tanky
+ Can run any map mod, including "No regen"
+ Capable of clearing all end game content
+ Permanent flask uptime while mapping
- Mediocre single target damage
- Slightly expensive end game gear
- Weak against physical spells

Bandit: Kill All (recommended) OR spare Oak

Avatar of Veil (Phasing) + Avatar of Chase
Avatar of Veil and Chase provides amazing defensive, speed, and QoL features. No other ascendancy can really match it. Best used for pure mapping, but still works against end game bosses.
The build uses Way of Poacher for leveling purposes, before finishing uber Labyrinth.

Major God: Soul of Lunaris
Minor God: Soul of Shakari OR Ryslatha OR Garukhan

Gem Setups:
Main Skill(GGGGBR):
Caustic Arrow - Void Manipulation - Swift Affliction - Vicious Projectiles - Concentrated Effect
6th Link: Damage on Full Life OR Empower lvl 3/4

Wither Totem (BRRR):
Wither - Spell Totem - Multiple Totems - Increased Duration

Cursed Frenzy Setup (GGBB):
Frenzy - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Curse on Hit - Despair

CWDT Immortal Call (RRR):
Cast when Damage Taken lvl 3 - Immortal Call lvl 5 - Increased Duration lvl 20

Aura: Grace / Vaal Grace
Banner: Dread Banner
Bonus Mana Regen: Clarity lvl 10
Movement Skill: Blink Arrow

Leveling Guide:
Gem Progression:
Caustic Arrow - Pierce / Swift Affliction - Void Manipulation - Vicious Projectiles
Toxic Rain - Mirage Archer
Wither - Spell Totem - Multiple Totems
Despair: Curses enemies to increase damage. Use on bosses, tough packs, rares etc.
Do NOT level up Despair until you reach act 9.
Blink Arrow: Your movement skill
Grace: Your aura, grants additional evasion.
The purity of Elements: If you really need resistances. Use instead of Grace if necessary.

Gem Rewards:
* lvl 2 - Caustic Arrow
* lvl 3 - Mirage Archer (Medicine Chest side quest)
* lvl 8 - Void Manipulation
* lvl 10 - Blink Arrow

* lvl 12 - Toxic Rain
* lvl 18 - Vicious Projectiles
* lvl 24 - Grace, Despair
* lvl 38 - Greater Multiple Projectiles

Any gems you don't receive as a quest reward can be bought from Siosa (act 3) or
Lilly (act 6) once you complete their quests. Petarus and Vanja (act 4) also sell Multiple Totems after you enter Belly of the Beast.

PoB Link:
Skill Tree:
Example Link:

2. PoE 3.5 Trickster Caustic Arrow Trickster Mapping and Delving Unkillable Machine Builds

3.5 Patch notes have already been released and the build looks to become buffed for Caustic Arrow. We now get the new sort of scaling "Chaos Harm over time Multiplier" This can be a really powerful node around the tree and alluded to within the patch notes this may be available on jewels and elder/shaper item crafts.
Quill rain got pretty gutted for toxic rain and use with Caustic Arrow I would not recommend applying it as strongly as I'd have in 3.four, although may well nevertheless be great for leveling with Toxic rain. Alternatively, for endgame you might wish to just craft a +3 bow to utilize with toxic rain or have a 6-link chest - Possibly with some new veiled mods for example +1 curse, which has already teased.
I've gone and updated The POB hyperlink with new trees. (Just dropped some nodes along with the "Heavy Draw" Wheel for the new "Method to madness" wheel.

Pros & Cons:
+ Trickster's Patient reaper makes mapping a complete breeze
+ Smooth leveling process and transition into late game
+ Can perform Amazing on a budget
+ Very defensive oriented, good for hardcore
+ Highly scalable although can get expensive quick.
+ Every piece of gear is rare no required uniques, Even Kaoms can be supplemented for a 6link if you don't enjoy weapon swapping.
+ Can run any combination of Map Mods perfectly fine, no gear swaps needed.
+ Able to run Toxic rain and Caustic arrow, Two fun, and new skills
- Single target becomes quite lackluster towards endgame guardians, although very do-able.
- Again single target sustain is an issue when it comes to harder bosses, relying on flasks/passive regeneration.
- Caustic arrow not being able to target flying enemies. Small gripe but in some cases can be annoying (Haku missions, Arsenal map) although having a weapon swap for toxic rain fixes this.
- Ideally needing a +1 curse amulet to take full advantage of many reservations.

Kill all for 2 skill points is the best option.

Patient Reaper > Swift Killer > Prolonged Pain > Weave the Arcane

Soul of the brine King - This is probably the best all-around choice for the build, As with all of the gods make sure to get the upgrades when you can, Chain Stun/Freeze immunity are very powerful.
Soul of Lunaris/Solaris - These two choices are entirely dependant on the content you're running; Solaris Favours single-target boss fights and aims to reduce the damage taken, Lunaris Favours map clear and dense areas for its usage. Pick and choose these if you feel they are worth it, Again you want to upgrade these as and when you can.

Running T16 Underground:

Shaper Deathless Run:

Maze Of The Minotaur:

PoB Link:
Skill Tree:
Example Link:

3. PoE 3.5 Occultist Sidefx Cthulhu Arrow Revived Builds

This makes focuses on harm more than time mechanics in the game even though also having Astounding ES regen start off time/speed. When you take pleasure in getting capable to rush into massive packs and kill them all without trying and not ever coming close to death then this really is the build for you personally. This creates farms Uber lab and all map tiers, no doubt in my mind that it would also farm shaper/elder. So I'm going to say now this develop can clear all content material but not without having a decent wallet. There's are budget options below as well.

Added Step by step leveling trees to attempt and assist you have a less difficult time, Also added Gems and more info on the Ci version Tri curse. Lastly Also updated the PoB to contain all the tree's Just navigate towards the bottom left drop down although have a look at the skill tree in PoB!

Pros & Cons:
+ Not that expensive to get going
+ Super relaxed play style
+ High content with low gear
- Boring without MTX
- Slower play style - sped up with 3.5 version
- To min, max will cost you a decent amount of currency
- Crafting the god bow is tons of RNG

Bandits: +2 Skill points

Ascendancy: Occultist: Profane Bloom - Wicked Ward - Vile Bastion - Malediction

T15 Clear With Map:

PoB Link:
Skill Tree:
Example Link:

4. PoE 3.5 Melt maps with an Occultist The Guide For Caustic Arrow Builds

Your primary skill is going to be Caustic Arrow (CA), a bow attack that fires an arrow dealing chaos harm and exploding inside a caustic cloud. Your key DPS will probably be the cloud, dealing chaos damage over time.
CA rewards A good deal from level, which means we want this gem level as high as you can!

Pros & Cons:
+ Good map clear
+ Quite cheap to start
+ Good defense (11k ES + ES regen + ES recharge)
- Lack of single target DPS

- Void Beacon reduces the enemy chaos resistance, meaning your cloud will deal more damage
- Profane Bloom deals chaos damage, which Synergises well with Caustic Arrow (CA)
- Wicked Ward and Vile Bastion will give you TONS of Energy Shield (ES), plus a great ES regen/recharge and stun immunity, making playing ES a blast!

Skill Guide:
Main Setup:
Caustic Arrow - Empower - Damage on full Life - Increased/Reduced Area of Effect -
Swift Affliction - Vicious Projectile

Curse Setup
Enfeeble - Despair - Blasphemy - Enlighten

Cast when Damage Taken - Increased Duration - Immortal Call - Phase Run

Totem Setup
Wither - Spell Totem - Minion and Totem Elemental Resistance

Other Gems:
Flame Dash - Faster Casting
Vaal Discipline
Summon Chaos Golem

PoB Link:
Skill Tree:
Example Link:


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