Why Betrayal as The League of Arc Mines and Traps?

Betrayal is amongst the biggest sub-expansions to be released for Path of Exile in current time. It includes a full Master/Crafting revamp, new capabilities, and re-introduces Incursions and Bestiary whilst also like Delve into the core game. In addition, it introduces the new Syndicate mechanic method. As such, you will find now numerous leveling and end-game systems a player needs to program their builds to manage.

Betrayal is going to be known as the "Arc Mine" league since greater than 20% of all make are Arc based, as well as the majority of these builds are Mines. Not simply because Arc received a buff or alter from 3.five but since it didn't receive a nerf, and is capable of handling all the new content. Having said that, the new Winter Orb and Brand skills are many of the strongest and most enjoyable as well, bringing new play types towards the game.

Acquiring to maps and farming when surviving and having the capacity to perform all end-game content material are key specifications for every one of your advisable builds. This guide doesn't contain ultra costly builds for players who have accumulated a large volume of currency. This guide is best for new players, late league starters, or individuals who just would like to try yet another creature that can function for end-game and is enjoyable.

Just because it's on the best 100 list doesn't imply it's a "best build". A lot of (if not most) of the major players run builds which can be created solely to push one hundred and absolutely nothing much more (farming distinct maps); having said that quite a few of those builds are capable of performing all content (Shaper & Uber Elder) and delving deep. People on the prime 100 list are hardcore (play style not HC mode), experienced, and pushing one hundred (even though also delving) is an art all of its own that generally has no application to the average player ¨C but we can still learn from these builds. I also wish to elaborate on how I interpreted the best build from the leaderboards. These characters can be found on Poe.ninja builds. There are three core categories to consider: Softcore, Hardcore and SSF (and variations of each). Keep in mind those who are 95+ and do not play SSF often group with others (which includes aura bots), which includes sharing items and maps. This augmentation can misrepresent the viability of an end-game build and its capability to run without a party and reach 100 as quickly as it has. This means SSF is the best indicator of a build's capability to progress without aura bots and party support. SSF players that push 95+ are a special breed of dedicated folks who usually put 8-12+ hours of game time in each and every day. These are not average players, but average players can learn from them.

Below are the statistics pulled from the Poe.ninja builds top rated characters in each league subsection. Note numerous profiles are set to private, so this data is only based on public profiles that have their skills shared with the community. The below list is in order of popularity and use.

No worries about dying can group, and can trade with others!
Best 5 Expertise: 
Arc (20%), Winter Orb (9%), Blade Vortex (9%), Molten Strike (6%), Tie: Elemental Hit (5%) / Vortex (5%)
Prime 5 Ascendancies: 
Elementalist (18%), Saboteur (17%), Ascendant (13%), Occultist (13%), Juggernaut (8%)

Hardcore Betrayal
Dying is a no go ¨C but can still group and trade.
Prime 5 Capabilities: 
Arc (18%), Winter Orb (10%), Vortex (6%), Blade Vortex (5%), Storm Brand (5%)
Top rated five Ascendancies:
Elementalist (18%), Occultist (15%), Juggernaut (12%), Saboteur (11%), Hierophant (10%)

SSF Betrayal
Dying is just fine, but no grouping or trading.
Prime 5 Abilities: 
Arc (24%), Winter Orb (9%), Storm Brand (7%), Blade Vortex (7%), Vortex (6%)
Leading five Ascendancies: 
Elementalist (24%), Hierophant (15%), Saboteur (13%), Occultist (12%), Trickster (4%)

HC SSF Betrayal
No trading, grouping or dying allowed!
Prime 5 Expertise: 
Arc (21%), Storm Brand (12%), Winter Orb (9%), Blade Vortex (7%), Vortex (5%)
Major 5 Ascendancies: 
Elementalist (21%), Saboteur (13%), Occultist (13%), Hierophant (13%), Trickster (6%)

What can we learn from this? Arc is the most popular skill across the league and Elementalist is the most popular ascendancy (overall). Now that we are in a league that isn't focused solely on delving deep (and the best money is currently made by delving at shallow levels), diversity in make capability is now extra important due towards the combined Syndicate, Delve, Incursion and Bestiary content material.

Unfortunately, the new skills Shattering Steel, Lancing Steel, and the war banners are seeing very little use.

so, Betrayal will be known as the league of Arc Mines and traps.

As mentioned above, provided by U4N, if there are any problems and errors, you can directly visit the U4N website for consultation, I hope the above content is helpful to everyone.


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