PoE 3.5 Betrayal The Three Most Useful Duelist Builds

First. PoE 3.5 Budget Molten Tank Build

There are numerous comparable builds, but I wanted to make one of many best as well as the ideal decision continues to be the Champion.

Following Vaal Pact nerf, I usually tried to make a tank build using a decent DPS:
with molten strike we spawn plenty of balls, as well as the "life, achieve on hit" mechanic allows us to get a lot of life in the handful of time.

Pros and Cons:
+ Budget to start (red maps on 50c)
+ Very good league starter
+ Tanky (6K+ HP with tabula, able to reach 8K+ HP, LGOH, regular leech, life regen, blood rage trick pantheon)
+ Very good lab farmer (look video section)
+ No Vaal Pact
+ Great chance to improve the gear
+ DOT isn't so dangerous
+ No gems swap for bosses
+ Good sustain on the long fight when you run out of flasks
+ Easy Uber Elder (if you know what to do)

- Melee (not the best clear speed, but not the worst)
- Can't run ele reflect
- Can't run no leech, but only 'cause you need mana leech (if you can get mana gain on hit on jewels, you can run no leech as well)
- Need some investment for end game (like all other builds)
- Ancestral call on single target need few pratic


-Always upgrade ur claws any time you arrive in a new town, cuz the base damage is normally greater
-Always upgrade ur life flask within a new town at the same time

Run Molten strike and ancestral get in touch with on act 1, add faster attack in act two. I run 3 link MS till act 4 (so I can run really smoothly), then I get 5-link physique armour for 1 chaos when I hit act 4 ( MS-Faster Attack-Ancestral Call-Phys To Light-Ele harm). Whenever you reach Avatar of fire on a tree (about lvl 50/55), you replace Phys to light with concentrated effect.
Get HOP/HOA in act2 till act three, when u can use vitality (i choose to utilize vitality for some regen alternatively of double herald)
I wait to work with anger cuz low mana.
In case you can get thief soon it is possible to run a lot more support for the MS setup and possibly use right away anger, mana gets on hit aid a great deal. Just try it.
You can do the First lab at level 28 with no trouble.
You are able to do the cruel lab at lvl 54, no prob right here also.
Kitava acts ten and merc lab at lvl 68.
Uncomplicated Uber Lab at lvl 83 - 4700 hp.
For champion in the event, you decide on fortitude you have to run fortify linked on whirling just before you'll be able to get Uber Lab.
Get Wildfire jewel for additional projectiles in act five.
You are able to run till Blood aqueduct on five-link, then you can farm tabula for 6-link (alter into MS-Multistrike-ele focus-ancestral call-conc effect-ele damage). I wait to make use of multistrike cuz the attack is repeated two times, and if u wanna use ur movement ability u have to wait for the finish in the skill animation, so wait until you get much more attack speed.
At lvl 46 ornament of your east is great. I recommend to grab it.
Use point blank around the tree till you get Greenwood (you might have to allocate only 3 points)

Get Brentwood and thief torment as quickly as u can and drop PB.
Ahead of Greenwood run double Simonyi.
Watcher's eye is definitely the more pricey item, but thief torment/ornament on the east/ichimonji will carry u till yellow/lower red maps...
OFC get rare rings/ammy with life/res and, if u can, get Phys/fire harm ...
Uncommon boots/gloves with life/res...

In case you don't like ancestral get in touch with on bosses swap it with fire penetration
Movement skill - before you grab fortitude hyperlink fortify on whirling
You could use Leap slam rather of whirling.
Fortify linked in your movement talent is MANDATORY. You can drop it only if you run fortitude ascendancy on Champion.
Enlighten isn't mandatory but it will assist with a couple of additional mana

You will need VAAL HASTE only, no regular haste
Essential: put gems exactly within this order for Pantheon trick: CWDT - Blood Rage - Immortal Get in touch with
You could add light golem/molten shell/curses (flammability/enfeeble) on ur CWDT setup

The CWDT lvl is primarily based on you. I usually run lvl 1 on leveling, lvl five in white maps, lvl 10 in yellows, lvl 15 in red maps.

For Gladiator only:
For anyone who is employing The Surrender you'll be able to use reckoning(from shield), the curse on hit/ curse(enfeeble or flammability) and culling strike.
You could use tempest shield
for +3% block possibility // you may self cast it or hyperlink into CWDT setup(cwdt-by-ic-ts).
And you can run shield charge for those who prefer it.

When you are operating from roots, and you don't know how to move, this is the way:
the mandatory socket is 18/20

6 MS setup (physique armour)
3/4 whirling setup (head/gloves)
2+1 vaal haste/inc dur + 1 for totem (weapon 1)
4 CWDT-IC-BR-Curse (gloves/head)
2/3 auras/enl (weapon two)

Molten Tank Jugg

Red Elder from Fuzzballx

Uber Elder 2 people

Early league


Uber Elder Carry


PoB Link: https://pastebin.com/jhz2SEF1

Skill Tree:
Champion - https://tinyurl.com/y8kxs8ej
Juggernaut - https://tinyurl.com/yba4lsbc
Gladiator (Shield)- https://tinyurl.com/y8k64r2u
Gladiator (Dual Wielding) - https://tinyurl.com/yb7f7hog

Second. PoE 3.5 Vulpix0r's Shattering Steel Champion build

I've seen some opinions on the new Steel skills and wanted to test them properly after reading how bad they are. After some testing, I found out Shattering is pretty good and continued to level with this skill and finetune it. At level 90 right now, still pushing to end game content, but I’ve been able to do red maps up to T15 comfortably. Bosses and syndicates have not been a big issue as I can burst them down quickly.

Pros and Cons:
+ Superb single target damage with the shotgun effect
+ Cheap and possible to start with no gear fresh in league
+ Sword based so lots of nice uniques to bring you even to red maps
+ Gear is cheap
+ Decent clear speed

- Heavily dependant on positioning
- Trying to hit more than 6k+ life is hard
- You need to be on your feet during syndicate fights
- Build feels weak until you get Greater Multiple Projectiles
- Unable to use a lot of awesome flasks like Taste of Hate, Atziri's Promise, etc.

This skill thrives on projectiles. More projectiles, the better. Beat point blank range, fire away at the tough monsters. Make sure to manage your flasks properly, and enjoy the massive number of projectiles. Do note that shotgun is a thing for this build.

Maintain your Opportunity to Bleed gem soon after killing Hillock, then level with whatever skill you wish like Molten Strike or Cleave, grab Maim too. Recall grabbing Lesser Various Projectiles and War Banner. Right after hitting Merveil's cave, you will get access to Shattering Steel. At this point, your links will likely be: 
Shattering Steel + Maim + Likelihood to Bleed.

Reached act 2. Fantastic! Grab Herald of Purity for any nice harm enhance Vicious Projectiles and Blood Rage. Enduring Cry should you can afford it but it's not a priority. You need to attempt to get a 4L with three green sockets and 1 red, for this mixture:
Shattering Steel + Vicious Projectiles + Lesser Many Projectiles + Likelihood to Bleed

In act three now. Grab Haste or Grace based on your preference, or simply get each and level them till you have decided which you like. We are going to also be grabbing Dread Banner. In the event you don't mind performing the Library quest in the Imperial Garden, you are able to grab Fork to level. In case you can afford the intelligence, acquire Enhanced Essential Strikes to level, Blood Magic to connect for your leap slam.

Lastly in act 4. Grab whatever golem you would like, it doesn't matter as we're not going to use 1 considering that they are pretty stupid. Once you're done killing Kaom and Daresso, grab Brutality ASAP and replace Lesser Several with Higher Multiple Projectiles. The links you've got at this point really should be:
Shattering Steel + Brutality + Vicious Projectiles + Greater Some Projectiles


Before getting dual Beltimbers:
Shattering Steel + Greater Multiple Projectiles + Brutality + Maim + Vicious Projectiles + Fork

After getting dual Beltimbers:
Shattering Steel + Brutality + Maim + Vicious Projectiles + Fork + Increased Critical Strikes

Herald and Aura:
Grace or Haste, Herald of Purity

Leap Slam + Blood Magic + Fortify + Faster Attacks

Blood Rage + Dread Banner + Enduring Cry
Cast when Damage Taken + Immortal Call + Enfeeble

T16 Minotaur Run:

PoB Link: https://pastebin.com/FHA99sVM

Third. PoE 3.5 Soul Eater FlIcker StrIke PhysIcal Slayer Build

Welcome exiles, I'll show you my SoulthIrst FlIcker build, that I played since the commence of the betrayal league. As the name suggests It, I make use of the soul eater impact from soul-thirst to obtain some ludIcrous attack speed. As it would be tough to handle that speed yourself throughout the short time of a flask, flIcker strIke controls It for you!

This creates is terrific at mappIng, features a good clear speed on blood aqueduct and uber lab Is usually a piece of cake. So all you will need to farm through betrayal.

The bossing Just isn't actually great believed, and fortification can be very Rippy In t14+. It could do white guardIan but with harm mods It really is Rippy. Shaper Is doable having a skill gem swap. The build has pretty small needs of stuff. With 1 ex that you are fine till t10 and for my stuff, it is about 10-15 ex.

- Add videos of Hydra and Chimera with a weapon swap and solstice vigil.

Pros and Cons:
+ Really fast until high tier maps. Especially on blood aqueduct.
+ Can do all mods on all maps (except guardian with damage mod and no leech on t14+).
+ Uberlab is really easy (can't get OS by Izaro, and doesn't care about traps).

- Bossing is not good.
- Can't focus, fortify on t14+ are dangerous.
- Can't be helped by support because most aura is useless.

The build is ok without the soul eater effect, that way it's more reliable and safe. For higher tier maps, the soul eater effect doesn't allow you to do a lot of pack at once because you need more than one hit against rare monsters, However, that's very powerful against special spawn.

Blood Aqueduct: 

Toxic Sewer: 

Sulphur Vents: 

Elder Arsenal: 

Lair of the Hydra: 

Pit of the Chimera: 

Focus blood aqueduct: 

Major: Arakaali
-Capture Arachnoxia for the big increase in life regen with the immortal call/blood rage setup.
-Capture Shock and Horror is nice too as you don't have protection against shock.

Minor: Gruthkul
-Capture Erebix, Light's Bane for more tanking.

Use cleave then sunder to level.
First lab: Headsman.

If you reach:
-level ~55
-blood aqueduct
-cruel lab (go for Effect)
You are able to equip terminus est and soul-thirst and get started farming blood aqueduct for numerous XP. I've remained at blood aqueduct till 68.
then merciless lab with Bane of Legends (it's only for the following lab and enable with boss any time you do not have a large amount of stuff).

Finish the acts, kitava should be piece of cake.
Begin mapping till you have got the trials.

Then the tricky aspect, the very first uber lab run, as you won't have the Perma leech for the traps, so be careful and take your time.
The last encounter against Izaro must not be challenging as you have a 20% culling strike.
Then you can respec Bane of Legends and take the fours points to obtain Brutal Fervour (and Vaal pact)

PoB Link: https://pastebin.com/Hxb7bmjM
Skill Tree: https://tinyurl.com/ydbq3jk5

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