Top 7 Ice Spear Builds in PoE 3.5 Betrayal

1. PoE 3.5 Shaper Down, Freezing Pulse and Ice Spear Totem Inquisitor Builds

New Ice Spear is strong to one focus on although not map farming. Its fires two Projectile, with terrific crit probability and crit multi, rendering it is powerful to destroy powerful mob. Especially owing to new assistance gem Various Totem Help makes Non-Hierophant character can use 3 totems at just one time. According to POB, my Ice Spear Totem Shaper DPS Entire Buff without the need of Vaal RF and Anger.

Pros & Cons:
+ Fast Mapping
+ Boss Killer
+ High crit chance (Without flask, FP 45%, IS 87.5)
+ League Starter, Tabula is enough
+ Blind is good, higher survivability
+ Infinity Mana
- Less HP, easily killed by Syndicate
- Not faster than COC build
- Seems cannot kill Uber Elder
- Not enough sockets cause this build using 2 skills

Gem Link:
Freezing Pulse - Echo - Bonechill - Hypothermia - (Blind) - (Faster Casting) - (Mana Leech)
Ice Spear - GMP - Hypothermia - Controlled Destruction(Bonechill) - Spell Totem - Multiple Totem
Herald of Ice - Curse On Hit - Assassin's Mark - Ice Bite
Shield Charge - Faster Attack - Fortify
CWDT - Immortal Call - Increased Duration
Vitality - Summon Lightning Golem - Flame Dash - Clarity(VRF)

Bandits: Kill All

- Instruments of Virtue
- Righteous Providence
- Inevitable Judgement
- Augury of Penitence


Shaper Down Video

PoB Link:
Skill Tree:

2. PoE 3.5 The Sphere of Spears Builds

This is my take on the Winter Orb + Ice Spear combo. I hope that you'll find the guide helpful.

Pros & Cons:
+ Can be started with basically no currency
+ Feels like Blade Vortex for clearing, but safer because is ranged
+ Ice Spear is basically Barrage for spells
+ Nice clearing speed thanks to Onslaught, Frenzy Charges, and Shield Charge
+ Nice single target dps
+ Can do red maps with little investment
+ Syndicate encounters very manageably
+ Can achieve reflect immunity
+ Some map combos are very annoying
- Require good positioning to achieve max Ice Spear dps

Main Skill: Winter Orb and Ice Spear
Reason: Both scales off +# project. Winter Orb is good for clearing but sucks for single target, while for Ice Spear is the opposite, so they basically compensate each other.

Ascendancy: Witch Elementalist
Reason: Elementalist has a good clearing and good quality of life bonuses.

Ehp pool: Hybrid
Reason: On the tree, we have access to some good Life+ES % nodes. By sacrificing a little bit of dps is possible to take Acro/Phase Acro

Crit vs Ele Overload: Crit
Reason: I think that not going crit with Ice Spear is a waste.

Bandits: Help Alira
Reason: We go crit, so the multi crit damage is good. Mana regen and all res are good too.

Gem Links:
Main link in order of priority (6L)
Winter Orb + CwC + Ice Spear + GMP + Controlled Destruction + Hypothermia

Single target setup (4L)
Frost Bomb + Arcane Surge (6) + Vaal Righteous Fire + Increased Duration

Cast when Damage Taken setup (3L)
CwDT (1) + Immortal Call (3) + Increased Duration

Herald of Ice setup (1/2/3L)
Herald of Ice + Ice Bite + Innervate/Onslaught

Movement Skill (2L)
The purity of Elements + Faster Casting

Non linked skills
Purity of Ice - Cold mitigation and also Phy's mitigation (via Watcher's Eye mod)
Arctic Armour - Fire and Phys mitigation

PoB Link:
Skill Tree:

3. Winter orb CWC Ice Spear Assassin Build

Pros & Cons:
+ 9k+ EHP with Fenumus Shroud, 7k+EHP with a tabula!
+ Cheap to start gearing!
+ No gem swapping!
+ End game viable!
+ Can do all map mods!
+ Nice clearspeed!
+ Can handle t16 syndicates easily due to playstyle
- Nonfacetank build
- Not T1 clear speed
- Less DPS than double voids
- Quite a lot of buttons to press

Unstable Infusion -> Deadly Infusion -> Opportunistic -> Ambush and Assassinate

Alira - Crit multi, resists and mana regen

Major God: Brine king when mapping/early in the atlas, Soul of arakaali for uber elder
Minor God: Soul of Ryslatha when in the lab, Yugul for Uber Elder.

Leveling Guide:
Tabula is the MVP here. Winter Orb clears remarkably well provided it has dps. Winter has pretty shitty single target dps. CwC has a good mix of both but requires a 6l. Tabula is the answer.

But seriously tho, if you're starting from scratch and afford a tabula, start with a +1 cold gems scepter/wand. You can make them yourself by endorsing a white scepter/wand with a sapphire ring to get that cold gem.

Level 1 - 27
Grab freeze pulse and explosive trap to start.
Both deals pretty great damage as a single link and have the great single target as well. Use a +1 gems scepter/wand using a recipe or a dagger if you manage to find one with some nice spell damage.

Level 28 - 45
Once you hit level 28, grab winter orb added cold and lesser multiple projects and socket in a 3l wand/scepter +1 cold gems. Use an offhand with spell damage/crit or flat damage. Basically, anything that boosts your dps. Equip tabula if you have/can afford one at this point. This set up should be able to carry you all the way till Act 5 without much of a problem. Don't facetank and run around in circles when fighting bosses.

Level 45 - 70
Now would the time when you just finished act 5. Grab resists gears, equip that gold rim that you have been holding off for a while and make sure you get resists on rings.
Grab a brine crown once you hit level 63.
Once you clear act 10 you need to upgrade your resistance gear again. Make sure you are capped(except chaos) or you will have a hard time entering maps.

Level 70+
Do not enter maps without a tabula or with uncapped resistance.
Use discipline to increase your EHP pool.
Grab void walkers if you are saving up for a pandemonium.
Upgrade rings and amulet to decent rares

Shaper Kill

Uber Elder Kill

PoB Link:
Skill Tree:

4.The Oumandigon, An Indigon Crit Ice Spear Totem Hiero Builds

This time I made an indigon Crit Ice spear Totems Hierophant. This really is by far my strongest develop offensively and defensively and it does not even cost that considerably for what it could do. It deletes endgame bosses whilst being really tanky.

Pros & Cons:
+ Insane damage compared to the cost of the build (18ex invested from me)
+ Very high damage against bosses
+ Decent clear speed
+ Very tanky. Do not be fooled by the 4000 life. There is more than 6000 mana with 4000 mana regenerated per second and 60% MoM (damage taken from mana before life).
+ Can do all map mods except No regen
+ All the bosses except Uber Elder are a walkover without any danger.
- It can be hard to fill up all resistances

Gem Setups:
Ice Spear - Spell Totem - Multiple Totems - Controlled Destruction - Added Cold damage - Elemental Focus
Flame Dash - Faster Casting - Increased Duration - Arcane Surge (level 20)
Cast when Damage has taken - Immortal Call - increased Duration - Elemental Weakness (You can use another curse if you want
Cast when Damage has taken - Cold Snap - Bonechill
Clarity - Frost Bomb - Summon Lightning Golem - Vaal Righteous fire

Leveling Guide:
Level 1: Slap on a Goldrim, a String of servitude with all resistances corruption and all the regular leveling gear. Try to get a Tabula Rasa a +2 projectile gems level. It costs 15-25c and you can resell it later. Use projectile spells like Freezing Pulse, Frostbolt or Magma orb.

Level 10: Put two Axiom Perpetuum.
Level 20: Around that level, you can take the Ancestral Bond keystone. Put the spell totem and Ice spear inside your tabula rasa. Slot a Rain of Splinters jewel.
Level 33: Do the first labyrinth and take the Pursuit of Faith node.
Levels 20-65: Take life, spell crit and multiplier, mana, mana regen on the tree. Look at the final tree and progressively take all the nodes I took from the templar to the shadow.
Level 55: Do the second labyrinth and take the Conviction of Power node for power and endurance charge generation.
Level 65: Time to put a Shimmeron. The degen coming from the Shimmeron is totally absorbed by the 5% life regen coming from the 5 totems and Mind over Matter.
Level 69: This is when the build starts. You can now equip Indigon. This is also the time you put the mana recovery belt, the Watcher’s Eye with mana recovery while having Clarity, the boots with the 2% life and mana regen if you were hit recently enchant. If you have a 5 or 6 linked Cloak of Defiance, it’s also the right time to put it on. Do the third lab at this moment and take Ritual of Awakening.
So the uber labyrinth at around 75. At this point, it should be very easy. Place your totems and run in circles.

Bandits: Kill all. We need all the points we can get.

Uber Atziri run:

Uber Elder run:

Shaper Run:

Shaper 100% hp to 0:

T15 Summit:

PoB Link:
Defense mode:
Attack mode:
Maximum potato mode:
Skill Tree:

5. PoE 3.5 Ice Spear Totem Hiro Builds

Pros & Cons:
+ Freeze and Shatter Explosion
+ Distance to enemies
+ Large range of projectiles
+ Minimal effect of curses
+ Concentration on mechanics because the totems do the damage
+ Enemies attack the totems and not you
- Not the fastest build
- Not everyone likes Totem's playing style
- Not the Tankiest Build

Ascendancy: Hierophant
Normal Lab: Pursuit of Faith
Totems stand 100% longer, +1 totem, 6% more damage per enemy killed by totems, 10% more attack and cast speed when a totem is active.

Cruel Lab: Ritual of Awakening
Totems are placed 50% faster, 3% more damage per standing totem, Per totem, we regenerate 0.5% mana per second, We automatically place 2 totems, We and our totems regenerate 1% life per second.

Merciless Lab: Conviction of Power
25% chance to get an Endurance Charge when we get a Power Charge, 50% chance to get a Power Charge when we put a Totem, 15% chance to get a Power Charge when our Totem kills something, 5% less Elemental Damage when we have Endurance Charges, Our Damage penetrates 5% of enemy Elemental Resistances.

Uber Lab: Divine Guidance
150 to Max Mana, 10% of damage is first deducted from Mana instead of life. A small Mind over Matter.

Bandits: Kill all

Major God / Soul of Solaris Act 8 Bosses
Minor God / Soul of Gruthkul The Dread Thicket in Act 7
Major God / Soul of the Brine King Act 6 Boss
Minor God / Soul of Ryslatha The Wetlands in Act 6.

Gem Links:
Chest six-link:
Ice Spear, Controlled Destruction, Greater Multiple Projectiles, Added Cold Damage, Hypothermia, Cold Penetration

Mainhand three-link:
Frost Bomb, Arcane Surge (lvl 1), Increased Duration

Offhand three-link:
Cold Snap (lvl 12), Cast when Damage Taken (lvl 8), Increased Duration

Helmet four-link:
Cast when Damage Taken (lvl 1), Immortal Call (lvl 3), Summon Stone Golem (lvl 3),
Enfeeble (lvl 5)

Gloves four-link:
Herald of Ice, Vaal Haste, Vaal Discipline, Frost Wall

Boots four-link:
Flame Dash, Faster Casting, Phase Run, Increased Duration

PoB Link:
Skill Tree:

6. PoE Ryu's CI Winter orb CWC Ice spear Occultist Builds

This guide is not for absolute beginners. But it was my starter and budget build. So it works even with almost no gear. Now it is Lv 100 and quite min-maxed. Mapping is very fast, and I killed uber elder deathless aswell.

Pros & Cons:
+ Can be played as a budget/starter.
+ No leeching (except mana).
+ Insanely fast start-up of energy shield recharge.
+ Can Facetank most things in the game even without leech.
+ Herald of Ice explosions.
+ 9k ES
- Can get expensive real fast.
- Addicting.
- Cannot do Ele reflect.
- Cannot do Atziri
- Cannot turn to MF very well.
- Cannot do SSF

Leveling Guide:
I've personally leveled with freeze pulse until around 40-45 level until I got myself a Five-link.
As for the skill tree, you want to take almost all the Cold damage Nodes first. Then the Hybrid Life/ES, the rest of the Ele/Cold nodes, then ES nodes, Crit nodes and Power charges, And a few mana nodes and Dex/Str Nodes If you need them.

As for the Ascendanices, you want to take Void Beacon first. Wicked Ward and Vile Bastion next. and Lastly Forbidden Power.

We want Soul of Arakaali, for reduced damage taken from Damage Over time, (For ignite, cause we are immune to Bleed/Poison.
And then Soul of Abberath for 50% reduced Ignite duration of You. This makes a pretty big difference against fire Bosses. So keep that in mind.

Gem Setups:
Main setup - Winter Orb / Cast While Channeling / Ice Spear / Greater Multiple Projectiles / Power Charge On Critical / Controlled Destruction.
Helmet - Temp chains / Blasphemy / Vaal Discipline / Enlighten
Gloves - Cast when damage taken / Ball Lightning - Greater Multiple Projectiles / Knockback
Boots - Cast when damage taken / Immortal Call / Enfeeble / Lightning Golem
Shield - Flame Dash / Faster Casting / Arcane Surge
Weapon - Herald of Ice / Vaal Righteous Fire / Frost Bomb

Is very simple, you charge your Winter orb on a few stacks and run around like a mad lad.
Bossing - For the most part, you just stay in one place, watching a movie on your second monitor and holding your Winter orb button.

PoB Link:
Skill Tree:

7. PoE 3.5 Winter Orb CwC Ice Spear Builds

That is my initially ever make a guide, so any feedback is hugely appreciated. Ever due to the fact I'd noticed the Winter Orb and Ice Spear reveals, I knew I wanted to play a CwC version of this as my league starter. Luckily for me, it turned out to become actually quite excellent! So I wanted to share this create for people who may be interested.

Considering the fact that folks retain asking me stuff ingame rather of reading the thread I will from now on ignore all concerns from direct messages, sorry. Quite certain everything has been stated within this thread, just read by means of it. Added Flask and Jewel sections.Integrated leveling skill trees inside the Skilltree section.

Pros & Cons:
+ Decent mix of clear speed and bossing capability
+ Can start on a very small budget and be upgraded as much as you feel like
+ HOI shatters are always fun
+ Feels decently tanky for a caster
- Can not run elemental reflect mods
- No leech mods can be sketchy on difficult maps
- No ZoomZoom build (no shield charge/whirling blades/QOTF)

Gems Link:
Winter Orb - Cast While Channeling - Ice Spear - Greater Multiple Projectiles - Hypothermia - Controlled Destruction
Spell Totem Support - Arctic Breath - Bonechill Support - Faster Casting
Frost Bomb - Vaal Righteous Fire - Vaal Clarity - Increased Duration
Flame Dash - Faster Casting - Arcane Surge (LVL 7)
Cast When Damage Taken (LVL 7) - Immortal Call (LVL 9) - Summon Ice Golem (LVL 9)
Herald of Ice - Onslaught - Curse on Hit - Warlord's Mark

1. Pendulum of Destruction
2. Shaper of Desolation
3. Beacon of Ruin
4. Mastermind of Discord

Soul of Lunaris
Soul of Shakari

Help Alira

Leveling Guide:
LVL1-12: Freeze Pulse - Added Cold Damage - Added Lightning Damage
LVL12-28: Ice Nova - Added Cold Damage - Added Lightning Damage - Controlled Destruction
LVL28: Winter Orb - Lesser Multiple Projectiles - Added Cold Damage - Controlled Destruction
LVL31: Replace Added Cold Damage with Hypothermia
LVL38: Replace Lesser Multiple Projectiles with Greater Multiple Projectiles

You can then slot in Cast While Channeling and Ice Spear as soon as you get a tabula / other 6link, or right away if you already have one. It is in my opinion very pleasant to level with.

Shaper Full Run

Hydra Full Run

Chimera Full Run

Red Elder Boss Fight

PoB Link:

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