Three Best PoE 3.5 Betrayal Arc Mine Builds

Betrayal is among the largest sub-expansions to be released for Path of Exile in recent time. Betrayal is going to be known as the "Arc Mine" league since greater than 20% of all creatures are Arc primarily based, along with the majority of those builds are Mines. Not because Arc received a buff or adjust from 3.5 but because it didn't obtain a nerf, and is capable of handling all the new content. However, the new Winter Orb and Brand expertise are many of the strongest and most enjoyable also, bringing new play designs to the game.

Arc Mines would be the leading construct this league simply because of its capability to dominate all content, clear maps promptly and melt bosses together with the Spire trap. The only downside is the "style" of play can be clunky for many, requiring the player to drop mine and detonate it manually. Second to Arc Mines is Arc Traps, practically as potent as mines, it may clear using the finest and is great in bossing. The third most common Arc build is Arc Totems; although it's not practical as potent for completing all game content, it's a lot more laid back play style that doesn't require constant detonation.

Arc Mines Builds Part 1 - AnActualHorn's Arc Mines Construct Guide

- More than 7.5k Successful hp with Thoughts More than Matter
- Can do any map mod within the game
- Charges less than 30c to play
- Very straightforward leveling
- Explore the Entire screen
- Acrobatics and Phase Acrobatics
- Can tackle all content material
- High Dmg output

-Has quick map clear but not the quickest: B+ tier
-Allies can not die auras are annoying

Gem Hyperlink:
Level 1-4: Explosive Trap - Less Poison

Level 4-12:
Frost Bomb - Onslaught
Explosive Trap - Significantly less Poison
Flame Dash - Arcane Surge

Level 12-16:
Arc - Remote Mind - Minefield - Added Lightning

Level 16-18:
Herald of Thunder

Level 18-24:
Flame Dash - Arcane Surge - Faster Casting

Level 24-28:
Herald of Thunder

Level 28-34:
Lightning Spire Trap - Controlled Destruction - Trap and Mine Harm - Added Lightning

Level 34-50:
Arc - Remote Mind - Minefield - Added Lightning - Enhanced Critical Strikes

Level 51-70
Arc - Remote Mind - Minefield - Added Lightning - Improved Vital Strikes - Added Cold Harm

5 Minutes of Arc Mines Insta Gibbin Bosses

Uber Elder with five Link

Tier 15 Elder with five Link

PoB Link:
Skill Tree:

Example Link:

Arc Mines Builds Part 2 - Durnz Arc Trap Create

+ Pretty cheap
+ Fantastic map clear
+ Tanky (Evasion/Dodge/Block/MoM/Blind/High regen from Sab nodes + Tinkerskin armour)
+ Immune to Ignite and Shock
+ Can do the majority of map mods (the only exception is No Life Regen mod. It really is tough but nonetheless attainable to be done.)

- Making use of Flame Dash will not be the most beneficial movement ability.
- Some endgame things might be incredibly high priced cause Arc is so hyped

PoB Link:
Starter Build:
Endgame Create:

Skill Tree:
34 Points:
61 Points:
91 Points:
113 Points:
Full Tree:
Instance Link:

Arc Mines Builds Part 3 - Bourget's Arc Totems Develop

+ Cheap
+ SSF viable bring about no expected uniques
+ A lot of solutions to push this build into endgame
+ Save (bring about totems and mom)

- Totemplaystyle isn't for everyone
- Frequently replacing totems against AOE bosses is often annoying

Gem Link:
6l Chest:
-Spell Totem Support, Arc, Added Lightning, Controlled Destruction,(5l) inc Crit Strikes, (6l) Lightning Penetration

Essence Worm:

4l Boots/Gloves/Helmet:
-Conductivity, Arcane Surge (lvl 12), Spell Cascade, Improved Duration
-CWDT (lvl 1), Immortal Contact (lvl 3), Elevated Duration, Vaal Haste (if you need max lvl you'll need some dex on your gear or tree)
-Phaserun, Empower, Improved Duration Vaal Grace

3l Weapon/Shield:
-Flame Dash, More quickly Casting, Portal
-Summon Lightning Golem, Minion Life, Minion and Totem Elemental Resistance

PoB Link:
Skill Tree:
Example Link:


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