PoE 3.5 Marauder Four Very Best Practical Builds

POE 3.5 Iron Fortress Flicker Juggernaut build

For, use the Iron Fortress unique and Flicker Strike. It turned out to be a solid build with decent offenses as well as excellent defenses. It can handle most content in the game but struggles in some areas such as betrayal mechanics because of how Flicker Strike works.

+ Flicker Strike
+ Decent DPS and clear speed
+ Very Tanky
+ Cheap Uniques

- Flicker Strike
- The Iron Fortress
- Craft your own rares

Here is the damage of various setups when fully buffed for Shaper DPS.
- Flicker Strike (Map Clearing) +520k
- Flicker Strike (Single Target) +730k
- Tectonic Slam +800k
- Double Strike +300k

Here's what the damage should look like while map clearing with triple charges and flasks.
- Flicker Strike (Map Clearing) +390k
- Tectonic Slam +600k

And here's the damage with only Frenzy Charges and Blood Rage. This is the bare minimum buffs you will have when fighting something.
- Flicker Strike (Map Clearing) +230k
- Flicker Strike (Single Target) +100%k
- Tectonic Slam +350k
- Double Strike +130k

Gear: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2300382

Flicker Strike
Elemental Damage with Attacks
Melee Splash
Fire Penetration
Elemental Concentrate

Not a lot to say. Multistrike and Melee Splash are pretty considerably mandatory for Flicker Strike unless you are a Slayer or not relying on Flicker Strike to do harm. Melee Splash can be switched with Ruthless for single-target damage.

Tectonic Slam
Elemental Harm with Attacks
Fire Penetration
Elemental Focus

The Tectonic Slam setup. If you don't have white sockets, you can use Faster Attacks rather of Ruthless. Tectonic Slam is needed for some bosses and Delve.

Vaal Double Strike
Elemental Concentrate
Fire Penetration

The backup single-target 4l. This really is primarily utilised for Vaal Double Strike as supplementary DPS against bosses. Having said that, the double strike is useful in some circumstances even though it does not attain the exact same level of harm as Flicker Strike does. In scenarios like Betrayal Fortifications or procing self-bleed, it is quite helpful.

Shield Charge
More rapidly Attacks
Summon Ice Golem
Immortal Get in touch with
Cast when Damage Taken

Ice Golem will boost crit price, accuracy, also as attack speed resulting from the Undeniable ascendancy. CWDT implies you by no means must worry about re-summoning it.

Arctic Armour
Vaal Ancestral Warchief
Blood Rage

Likelihood to Bleed
Energy Charge on Essential


Iron Fortress Flicker - Lv83 Syndicate Hideout

Iron Fortress Flicker - Maze of the Minotaur

Iron Fortress Flicker - Forge of the Phoenix

Iron Fortress Flicker - T15 Shaped Spider Forest

Iron Fortress Flicker - T14 Sunken City

Iron Fortress Flicker - T13 Dig

Iron Fortress Flicker - Red Elder

Iron Fortress Flicker - T13 Shrine

PoB Link:https://pastebin.com/uiMmLYUm
Skill Tree:https://tinyurl.com/y7gomsr5

POE 3.5 Juggernaut Build

+ safe across most content.
+ 6000 HP with 1k Leech and 1k (18%) Life Regen
+ stupidly tanky against phys damage with 60000 Armour (Mathil's build has 23k)
+ fantastic AOE
+ insane Uber Lab farmer, AFK Izaro fights
+ great bosskiller too, because of *wink* CRIT and over 2+ Million Shaper DPS.
+ you don't want nee xoph's blood

- Weak to Elemental damage outside of Endurance Charges
- Hard to Balance Resists
- Getting to 10 Endurance Charges is expensive (2x Kaom's Way, +1 Kaom's Roots)

Unfliching, Unyilding, Undeniable, Unbreakable

Alira or Kill All

Major: Arakaali
Minor: Tukohama

Gear: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2288501


PoB Link: https://pastebin.com/xzNGSxn1
Skill Tree: https://tinyurl.com/yaw4cxy6

POE 3.5 Dominating Blow Juggernaut Build

We are able to cover our defences from ascendancy and body armour, so we never must sacrifice important sources of harm. Also getting melee and possessing to rely on minions, withstanding the harm could be the key parameter for dom blow to shine.

+ Very Cheap
+ Very Tanky
+ Good damage (1 to 3 million boss dps)*
+ Uber Lab farmer
+ Can do all map mods**
+ Relaxed playstyle
+ Room for MF gear
+ Beginner/League Starter/SSF friendly

- Average Clearing
- High dexterity requirement from gear
- Melee summoner, meaning you might have to make adjustments if your minions are dying faster than your summoning rate.

- Unflinching
- Unbreakable
- Unstoppable
- Unrelenting

Bandits: Kill All

Helmet: Herald of purity-Minion damage-Brutality-Melee Physical Harm
Chest: Dominating Blow-Brutality-Melee Physical Damage-Multistrike-Maim-Ruthless (Boss) / Melee Splash (Clearing)

Cast When DamageDamage Taken (lvl 1)-Enfeeble (lvl 5)-Convocation (lvl 5)
Cast When Damage Taken (lvl 1)-Desecrate (lvl 7)-Flesh Providing (lvl 8)
Ring Slot: Vaal Haste

Bone helmet with "+ to a level of socketed minion gems".

Body Armour:
The Brass Dome is my individual preference when it comes to defences. Aside from that, any higher armour chest (1k+) with life and resistances will do.

Stygian vise (for one more jewel slot) with life and resistances

This really is one of the most essential aspect in regards to harm. We want Ghastly jewels using the following stats:
-Minions have #% improved attack/cast speed
-Increased Minion damage when you utilized a minion ability not too long ago
-Minions deal # to # further Physical Harm
-Maximum Life
-Minions have #% opportunity to Blind on Hit with Attac

Cobalt jewels with "minions deal #% elevated damage" are also an alternative, if you cannot obtain any ghastly jewels on league start off.

We've 2 unique alternatives. Either 2 x The Scourge or The Scourge and Victario's Charity
Victario's Charity offers much more harm when all frenzy charges are up and also more defences. The issue is the fact that we take a massive hit in attack speed which implies we summon minions slower on bosses. So use either one of these selections depending on your gear.

You are able to use Uncommon Claws until The Scourge drops in value or you make some currency.
Look for claws with life leech and life get on hit implicits and:
Superior attack speed (1.6 +)
Decent physical dps
Open suffix

Basic rule: We prioritize minion attack speed over minion damage. Although minion damage might give higher dps, we don't benefit much from it on our main hit. Attack speed, on the other hand, allows us to summon minions faster on bosses.

You can level with any skill you want until you get Dominating Blow. Sunder/Ground Slam are good options. Considering skill points, go like this:
-Resolute Technique
-Spiritual Command
-Spiritual Aid
-Sovereignty (You 'll need it once you get an item with an aspect of the spider).

Other than that, tree progression doesn't matter. Open jewel slots once you get some good jewels, as they help alot with damage.

Uniques that might help are the following:
-Tabula rasa with a "+2 to the level of socketed duration gems."
-Belt of the deceiver
-Earendel's Embrace or Severed in Sleep

Both The Scourge and The Brass Dome, can be farmed from Guardians (Chimera and Minotaur). Until then, you can craft weapons with minion attack speed/damage using:
-New Crafting Table
-Bound Fossil
-Essence of Fear

T11-Burial Chambers:

T12-Ivory Temple:


T14-Twin Palace:

Lair of the Hydra:

Maze of the Minotaur:

Pit of the Chimera (Phys Reflect):

Forge of the Phoenix:

PoB Link:
Budget example: https://pastebin.com/pA6V2M0f
Expensive example: https://pastebin.com/zX7x089f
High Life Regen Variation: https://pastebin.com/H3X368ax

Skill Tree: https://www.pathofexile.com/build/0NMYfz

POE 3.5  Chieftain EH RAT, Uber Elder, Uber Atziri Build

This really is my guide and also English just isn't my native language so I ask you a little bit patience.
In exchange, I′ll offer you this guide to a develop that Im playing given that Incursion league. I don't forget reading the changes to Elemental Hit and I told a guildmate that full fire conversion was going to become insane. A vision of ice and fire dropped from a chest on temple plus the corrupt chamber gave me back a 4 white sockets Frostferno so I decided it was the time for you to test the fire EH energy. EH was clearly super strong so I linked EH on a four links Frostferno with 2 supports gems that mixed have 50%-52% significantly less dmg simply to see if it was THAT sturdy.

EH was so freaking broken that you just could take any map any mod with those supports gem, you could possibly even clear the majority of Hall with the Grandmaster with some small patience also. At Delve league with all the similar tree and gear, It offers roughly 1/3 significantly less dmg than at Incursion league nevertheless it was so broken that even with all the heavy nerf it is possible to take all content just fine.

+ Can take anything the main game throw at you. You dont have to but you can tank most things at a Delve 300 depth.
+ Can do any map mod.
+ Your damage will allow kill super fast most of the bosses. Budget is super cheap from start up to red tier maps and you will be destroying most bosses due to your high damage output even without some of your core items.
+ You dont need a 6 link once you get your Frosferno. You dont even need a 6 sockets but its highly recommended that your bow and your body armor have 6 sockets(leveling multiple EH gems for later 20% q recipe and later vaal , quality of life for swaping auras and probably more benefits). Profit from those Jewellers and Fuses you wont be using!
+ Your damage come from totems, that mean that you barely have to target anything although the better placement of them will yield better results.
+ Leveling with some key uniques items is really smooth. When I decided to start playing this, I was ready to level as a Sunderboi but since lvl 19 I was playing the build basically the way you play it at endgame and again , it was really smooth.
+ It´s 100% lab self sufficient from normal to uberlab. You wont need a carry and at a certain point of your leveling/gearing you can even fortify yourself for 30+sec and leap your way to Izaro ignoring everything. So if you dont want to make a dedicated uberlab farmer and it happens that you want to run uberlab , this build can make it decently fast.

- The clear is speed is mediocre. Mediocre isnt necessary a bad thing , it certainly clear just fine but in PoE world, zoomzoom clear is just good, anything below is bad. You can check some videos I uploaded to see if its enough for your taste. You can also read this point as the famous disclaimer you will find on most totems builds , "Totems are not for everyone."
- Although it can do any map mod , some mods are annoying. Combine 2 or more of those annoying mods with a high tier map and you will have 100% doable without rip but the hard map.
- The totems take a little time to start attacking after placed , that will surely feel off at first if you are not used to it.
- Untwinked gear and specially SSF are not a option, at least for me. If you want you can use it as a league starter levelling as a Sunderboi until you get 2 key uniques (the tresholds jewels) but as for SFF, you will have to grind a lot and then a lot again and probably even more later :(. You cant even buy EH gem at level 10 from act 1 NPC playing as a Marauder.

Gem links:
May be apparent in case you are not new for the game , but for assistance, gems to affect capabilities both the skill and the assistance Has to be in LINKED sockets around the similar item.
- Put Vigilant strike + Fortify with each other on either the melee weapons.
- Put Leap Slam + Quicker Attack + Bloodmagic with each other on the other melee weapon.
- If you would like to make use of Shield Charge as an alternative of Leap Slam , swap The Princess to get a shield and ofc swap Leap Slam for Shield Charge.
- Put EH+RAT+Combustion+Elemental harm with attacks in your Frostferno for boss fights. Swap Elemental damage with attacks for Chain Help for clearing maps, 1 white socket is needed.
- For those who dont possess a 1 white socket Frostferno , put EH+RAT+Combustion+Slower Projectiles for boss fights. Swap Slower Projectiles for Chain for clearing maps.
- In case you dont prefer to swap gems ahead of and after boss fights, place EH+RAT+Combustion+Pierce in your Frostferno. You are going to gimp your damage but you most likely can still take Uber Elder in the event you know what you will be undertaking and have superior adequate gear and level.
- Place Cast when harm taken+Immortal call+Temporal chains.
- Place Ice shot+Mirage archer+Culling Strike+Greater various projectiles. Because all these gems only must be at lvl 1, I advise to place this in your boss bow (Chin Sol) and the second set of gems on your clear bow(Arborix). That way you if you swap your bows you can hold the Ice shot setup.

Additionaly you want:
- A socket to location Blink arrow , if you can place it linked together with your Ice shot and its supports you will get an incredibly minor benefit.
- A socket to location Purity of Ice
- A socket to location Bloodrage
- A socket to spot Summon Ice Golem
- A socket to location Arctic Armour
- A socket to location Haste
- A socket to place Enduring cry

If you use Kaom's Heart, you might have to ditch some gems because you wont have enough sockets. Very good options to ditch will possibly be Arctic armour considering the fact that you wont have the ability to use it along Purity of Ice and Haste. Ice Golem isn't that valuable late game. You will get away without having Higher Many Projectiles and Enduring cry. Its not my encouraged body armour , really feel absolutely free to experiment with it.

Help Alira or kill them all and take the points. Helping Alira means easy resistances , and mana regen which are great for our build at any stage of the game and the crit multi bonus will increase one of our main source of damage since we want to crit heavy and as much as we can.
Killing them all might allow you to allocate an extra jewel slot on the tree but unless you really know what you are doing help Alira.

Go Chieftain and take Ngmahu , then Hinekora then Arohongui.
For your last ascendency points, you've 2 options.
- Tawhoa.Your EH have 100% likelihood to ignite so you'll be at complete Endurance charges most of the time although clearing. That will make your Immortal get in touch with final longer as well as you may do somewhat extra damage the more Endurance charges you have. This can make your clearing smoother than in the event you take Tukohama. 
- Tukohama will be the second choice as well as a strong one also. With this, your totem is going to be immune to fire, and since your totems only do fire damage, they will be immune to any sort of reflect. Fights like Guardian on the Phoenix , Uber Atziri, and so on might be less complicated employing Tukohama as an alternative to Tawhoa.

- Soul of Lunaris.If you dont have a thing like 5k life and the majority of your core item you need to prevent any map or delve zone with all the moster ability chains X extra times until you'll be able to capture the soul from the boss at Lair map and select Soul of Lunaris pantheon unless you would like to endure a lot.
- Soul of Arakaali(encouraged)
- For those who capture the soul of the boss at Toxic Sewer and choose Soul of Arakaali pantheon and have all of the advisable gear and no less than 5k life, you ought to not have that significantly problems with the chain mod on maps. Provided that the only dot dps that you are taking would be the Blood Rage dot , you could recast it to trigger the extra regen and leech rate from this Pantheon power. Immortal call whilst you may have Blood Rage will activate it too.
- For the minor Gods, I like Soul of Shakari with all the captured soul of Desert's spring boss. I've very undesirable memories of getting destroyed soon after open a Strongbox that realeased a caustic cloud. Additionally, You may capture the boss of Sunken city for the Arakaali pantheon to obtain an further damage reduction against chaos DOT.
- I swap Shakari to Yugul with Terrace map boss captured when fighting Uber Elder. You may desire to use it to fighting Guardian of your Hydra should you really feel you need it.

Amanamu low level

Syndicate HO

Ahuatotli at Depth 56(XD)

The Shaper's Realm

Rippy mods t16 fortification before the syndicate nerf

PoB Link:
Lvl 1-19: https://pastebin.com/Y6haFZPn
Lvl 20-40: https://pastebin.com/CW1C50fc
Lvl 41-62: https://pastebin.com/x4wAT4vv
Lvl 63-100: https://pastebin.com/S9D4sNUs

Skill Tree:
Lvl 1-19

Lvl 20-40:

Lvl 41-62:
Lvl 63-100:

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